The Brazilian Sound
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The Brazilian Sound:
A Guide To The Music Of Brazil

Kindle, Nook, Kobo, paperback and hardback versions
available in the U.S., U.K., Brazil and worldwide

The Brazilian Sound: Samba, Bossa Nova, and the Popular Music of Brazil
The Brazilian Sound (paperback cover)

The Brazilian Sound: Samba, Bossa Nova and the
Popular Music of Brazil (Temple University Press)
by Chris McGowan & Ricardo Pessanha

Here is an illustrated guide to the rich music of Brazil—its history, styles, performers, instruments, and impact on musicians around the globe. From the boisterous rhythms of samba to the cool elegance of bossa nova to the hot percussion of Bahian axé music,The Brazilian Sound by Chris McGowan and Ricardo Pessanha celebrates the wide diversity of Brazilian music and its major figures. It has been published in English, French, German, and Japanese, with a Korean edition due later this year. Links for paperback, hardcover and ebook (Kindle, Nook and EPUB) editions (in English) are listed below, followed by quotes about the book.

United States

The Brazilian Sound paperback ( U.S.)

The Brazilian Sound hardcover ( U.S.)

The Brazilian Sound: Kindle edition ( U.S.)

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The Brazilian Sound: Kindle edition (Amazon Brazil)

United Kingdom

The Brazilian Sound paperback (Amazon U.K.)

The Brazilian Sound hardcover (Amazon U.K.)

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The Brazilian Sound hardcover (Amazon Canada)

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The Brazilian Sound paperback (Amazon France)

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The Brazilian Sound paperback (Amazon Spain)

The Brazilian Sound Kindle edition (Amazon Spain)


The Brazilian Sound paperback (Amazon Italy)

The Brazilian Sound Kindle edition (Amazon Italy)


The Brazilian Sound paperback (Japan)

The Brazilian Sound Kindle Edition (Japan)


The Brazilian Sound paperback (India)

The Brazilian Sound Kindle Edition (India)


      The Brazilian Sound paperback (China)

The Brazilian Sound (ebook cover)

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 Praise for The Brazilian Sound

“It continues to be the most informative—and eminently readable—book about Brazilian popular music.” —Don Heckman, The Los Angeles Times

“Essential reading for anyone interested in Brazilian music.” —Dave Hucker, Straight No Chaser (U.K.)

“An informed, useful introduction to Brazilian music.”Fernando Gonzalez, The Boston Globe

“The coverage is complete . . . . Above all, this welcome survey is responsible and reliable.” —Charles Perrone, Luso-Brazilian Review

One of the top ten books ever written about Latin music.”Carlos Suarez, Miami


“A great panoramic description of the whole Brazilian music scene.”Antonio Adolfo, Brazilian composer, pianist, and music professor


“A critically hailed reference guide to Brazilian music.”John Lannert, Billboard

“Well researched . . . . its breadth of coverage is impressive.” —Randal Johnson, Hispanic American Historical Review

“Highly recommended.” —Kazadi wa Mukuna, CHOICE

“For anyone interested in Brazilian music, this is an essential book
or, rather, the essential book.”Dave McElfresh, Jazz Now


More Quotes About The Brazilian Sound:


People looking for information about all the kinds of music in Brazil will love this book.” —Bill Walker, Library Journal

“Enlightening descriptions of musical styles.” —Martha Carvalho, Popular Music

“Good to carry with you if you're planning on doing some serious music buying.”
Brazil: The Rough Guide

“Precise and informative.” Peter Figlestahler, Donnerstag (Germany)

“Places the sounds of Brazil in their all-important historic and cultural perspectives.”Isabel Appio, VOX (U.K.) 


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An encyclopedic journey...a step-by-step Brazilian music travel guide that fills the information void...You can read it all the way through like a novel or just consult it like a map and find what you want in a hurry...the definitive reference source on Brazilian music. Bruce Gilman, Brazzil magazine

Although the authors are obviously fans of the music, they do not get breathless or overheat their prose: the writing is clear and the reportage is level-headed and reliable, making this a must-have for those who want to enrich their understanding and appreciation of Brazilian music. Marty Lipp, The Beat

A must-have for anyone trying to get a grasp of the extraordinarily diverse music of indispensible book. Dennis Miller, The Brazilian Monthly

Essential to anyone with even a passing interest in Brazil.
Mister Lucky Web Site

To be better understand samba's myriad varieties, you'll be well served by Chris McGowan and Ricardo Pessanha's excellent book.Joshua David, Travel Holiday

^ ^ ^

An indispensable guidebook for Brazilian music fans written with a personal quality that keeps it from being just a dry catalog. While being highly informative, the real success of the book lies in the authors' enthusiasm for the subject which quickly sweeps the reader up." Paula Kaminow, Bossa magazine

For years, The Brazilian Sound has held the distinct honor of being the most comprehensive English language guide to the full panorama of Brazilian music. Scott Adams, The Brazilian Music Review

Among the high points are the interviews. --O Globo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The first time that post-Tropicalismo MPB has arrived on the bookshelves of foreign bookstores. Jornal do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

A well-researched, easy to understand history of Brazilian music.
Eugene Holley, Jr., Ethnic NewsWatch

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This book, the first of its kind, is much more than a pioneering work...The Brazilian Sound is both an enthusiastic introduction for the newcomer and a thoughtful analysis for the confirmed fan. Alan Ryan, The Beat

The first book to give a comprehensive perspective on twentieth century Brazilian folk and popular music. --Jazz Forum (Poland)

A wonderfully illustrated guide to the music of excellent travel guide through Brazil's musical melting pot. Luis Tamargo, Latin Beat

Full of novelistic descriptions of musical styles which have gone on to sweep the globe. Sue Steward, Jazz FM (U.K.)

A formidable job in documenting every major pop style and musician...A handsome, thoroughly researched, well-written volume.
Mark Michaels, The Music Paper

The first book published in the United States focusing on Brazil's most important contemporary musical genres and their principal figures. Ney Reis, Ele & Ela (Brazil)

An in-depth study of the world's most vivid and exciting music form.
Gordon Young, Jersey Evening Post (U.K.)

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