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Spiritism In Brazil
Espiritismo No Brasil

The Spirits' Book, Modern English Edition

The Spirits' Book by Kardek

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Francisco (Chico) Xavier

And Life Goes On... (André Luiz collection)

And Life Goes On
by Francisco Xavier

Book description: This inspirational novel by André Luiz, physician and poet, who writes through the pen of F. C. Xavier, gently awakens us to the rich meaning of life, friendship, and love. In it, we find that life is a journey on which we add to and recreate our innermost selves--in effect designing our own path toward the goal of love each of us seeks. This is a true story that illuminates life. In Evelyn's courage you will discover the force of faith, and traces of the invisible design that guides every person's return to love.

'Nosso Lar' - A Spiritual Home

Nosso Lar: A Spiritual Home
by Francis Xavier

Book description: This is the first book dictated by André Luiz, a discarnate soul, to Francisco C. Xavier, one of the most productive mediums and inspirational writers of our time. In this partnership, Andre Luiz acts as a reporter on conditions in the spirit world, revealing details of its life, people, places, and organization. He does so through the lens of his reflections on his own after-death experience, and his struggles to make sense of his new reality.

Allan Kardec

The Spirits' Book
by Allan Kardec

Book description: The Spirits' Book is a work at the center of a way of life based on the evolution of the human spirit. It endorses the Christ as the supreme model for human conduct and thought, and stresses the need for inner transformation and self-knowledge as avenues to fulfillment and personal realization on earth. The Spirits' Book contains the basic tenets of the Spiritist Doctrine. Organized in the form of questions and answers, it presents a rich collection of dialogues between Allan Kardec and the spirit-instructors. The dialogues cover a broad area of human thought and spirituality. Translated into more than 45 languages, The Spirits' Book is a classic of the spiritual literature.

The Book On Mediums:
Guide For Mediums And Invocators

by Allan Kardec

The Gospel:
Explained By The Spiritist Doctrine

by Allan Kardec

Kardec's Spiritism
by Emma Bragdon


Samba in the Night

Samba In The Night:
Spiritism In Brazil

by David J. Hess

Hess, an anthropologist, takes us on a spiritual journey through Brazil's eclectic mystical religions. He covers Spiritism, Kardecism, Umbanda, Candomble and other alternative religions, some with roots in Africa, others of more recent vintage. He emphasizes how race and social class are reflected in the sectarian divisions among these various groups. He also writes of his own personal spiritual search, and of his encounters with such startling phenomena as exorcism, the removal of cysts by psychic surgery, spirit mediums and poltergeists.

Spirits And Scientists: Ideology,
Spiritism And Brazilian Culture

by David J. Hess

Books About Psychic Healing In Brazil
Dr. Fritz, Ze Arigo, Joao De Deus,
Mauricio Panisset & other healers

UFOs in Brazil

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