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Pagode Samba

Ao Vivo V.2

Ao Vivo Convida

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Pagode is a lively, contemporary style of samba developed in late '70s informal get-togethers by a generation of composers and performers associated with the Ramos neighborhood and Cacique de Ramos Carnaval group of Rio de Janeiro. Pagode features astute vocals focusing on life in Rio's poorer neighborhoods, and adds some new musical twists and instruments like the tan-tan and banjo to traditional samba. Popular singer Beth Carvalho helped bring mainstream attention to pagode. Some of the most famous pagodeiros, such as Zeca Pagodinho, are listed below. Not to be confused with the pop-samba groups who sometimes also utilize the tag "pagode" (see below).

Acustico MTV

Zeca Pagodinho

Sangue Bom

Jovelina Perola Negra

Ao Vivo Convida

Fundo De Quintal


Almir Guineto

Ao Vivo No Olimpia

Beth Carvalho

Ao Vivo V.2

Jorge Aragao

Pop Samba Acts

Velocidade Da Luz

Pop Samba

Terra Samba

More Samba

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