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Pixinguinha CDs
Alfredo da Rocha Vianna, Jr.

Pixinguinha 100 Anos

The Choro & Samba Legend of Brazil

Brazilian Music
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The legendary Pixinguinha (Alfredo da Rocha Vianna Jr., 1898-1973) was both a founding father of samba and a superb choro flutist-composer. Many consider him the greatest choro musician of all time. Pixinguinha wrote many of the most famous standards in the genre, including "Carinhoso" (Affectionate), "Rosa," and "Sofre Porque Queres" (You Suffer Because You Want To). He was a pioneer in taking Brazilian music overseas, touring Europe and South America.

CDs: Original recordings by Pixinguinha &
interpretations of his standards by others

Pixinguinha 100 Anos

Pixinguinha 100 Anos
(2005 re-release)

Originally recorded in 1997, and previously called the Orquestra Brasilia, this big band is assembled by excellent Brazilian musicians. This is an excellent album that celebrates Pixinguinha's 100th birthday. Biscoito.

Pixinguinha Alma E Corpo

Pixinguinha Alma E Corpo

A Great Tribute to One of the Most Important Brazilian Choro Composers. Carlos Malta is back presenting New Sax and Flute Versions of 10 Great Choro Classics Written by Pixinguinha. Malta is Accompanied by a String Quartet. --album description


Paulo Moura meets Pixinguinha

Pixinguinha (Serie Raizes Do Samba)

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Pixinguinha 70

Os Choros Dos Chorões

Os Choros Dos Chorões
featuring Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim,
Benedicto Lacerda, Canhoto e Seu Regional

Pixinguinha, Hermeto & Cia
with Henrique Cazes interpret Pixinguinha

Pixinguinha De Bolso

Pixinguinha De Bolso
Henrique Cazes & Marcello Goncalvez
collaborate on Pixinguinha standards

Toninho Carrasqueira Toca
Pixinguinha E Patapio Silva

with Toninho Carrasqueira

Dilermando Reis Toca Pixinguinha

Dilermando Reis Toca Pixinguinha
with Dilermando Reis

Bach & Pixinguinha
with Mario Seve

As Inéditas De Pixinguinha
with Agua De Moringa

Mood Ingênuo:
Pixinguinha Meets Duke Ellington

Paulo Moura & Cliff Korman
interpret Pixinguinha & Ellington

No Tempo Dos Oito Batutas

Also find more interpretations
of Pixinguinha compositions
on these albums:

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