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20 Anos

Axé Music, Samba-Reggae, And
Afro-Brazilian Music From Bahia

Brazilian Music
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25 Anos De Samba Reggae: Ao Vivo

Olodum: 25 Anos
retrospective with 14 tracks

Olodum Pela Vida

Olodum Pela Vida

20 Anos

A Musica De Olodum: 20 Years

If you can only buy one Olodum album, get this one! It has more recent songs and also some of their older hits. This album contains Olodum's previously unreleased version of "No Woman No Cry" - a legendary tribute! Some of Olodum's classics like "Rosa", "Alegria Geral", and "Berimbau" have been remixed and the surdos (base drums) have more of a kick now. On this album, Olodum has invited other stars to perform with them on some of the songs. For example, Ivete Sangalo in "Rosa", Jimmy Cliff in "No Woman No Cry"; it sounds fantastic! Expect nothing less than the finest Olodum beats! --an Amazon reviewer




About Olodum:
Olodum Official Site
Olodum Interview (by Bruce Gilman)


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