The Brazilian Sound
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Music of
Brazil's Northeast
Forro and Repente to Coco and Maracatu

Madeira Que Cupim Nao Roi

Brazil's huge Northeast includes states such as Pernambuco, Bahia, and Ceara; the arid sertao hinterland, and the dynamic coastal cities of Recife and Fortaleza. Here we showcase artists with strong roots in northeastern musical styles such as Forro, Baiao, Xote, Embolada, Coco, Frevo, Repente, Xaxado, and Maracatu. Below are legendary artists Luiz Gonzaga and Jackson do Pandeiro; northeastern MPB stars like Alceu Valenca, Elba Ramalho and Geraldo Azevedo; and contemporary northeastern musicians Mestre Ambrosio, Nacao Zumbi, Chico Cesar, and Zeca Baleiro. Also See: Forro & Baiao, Frevo, Maracatu, and Embolada & Repente.



Embolada & Repente

Forro & Baiao


More Artists Of Northeastern Brazil


Quinteto Violado

Cantoria 3