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Ed Motta


Brazilian Funk, Soul & Jazz from
the Inimitable vocalist Ed Motta

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In 'Poptical', Motta takes us on a new fantastic pop journey, incorporating a theme of a cinematographic quality of songs. Motta is a true renaissance man, a connoisseur or food, wine, and song. In 'Poptical', Motta takes us on an aural journey, composing pop gems in Portuguese and English. This CD is an evolution from his last release, Dwitza. It is a little more subdued from his more upbeat soul work of the past, more "retro" in incorporating many various influences that fill Ed's diverse vinyl collection...He focuses a lot in incorporating vintage keyboards in this album...Fans of Motta should check out his brilliant interpretation of 'Garota de Ipanema' with Roberto Menescal &  Bossacucanova Brasilidade release, and participation on the tribute to Jobim by legendary Jaques & Paula Morlenbaum + Ryuichi Sakamoto Casa  on Sony Classical. --an Amazon reviewer


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In almost 14 years, since his great debut, with the album and group "Conexao Japeri", Ed Motta's music grew a lot. And his last CD, "Dwitza", it's the perfect and delicous proof of it. We could call it Brazilian jazz, with many approachs, from samba to funk and valse. The compositions show how Ed mixes his many influences and find an original way, from Charles Mingus to Tom Jobim, from Korngold to Ary Barroso...The musicians are superb, and Ed is doing a great job, specially in the electric piano and in his scat singing. Yes, we're tired of people using the word genius to everyone, but Ed Motta, at 31 years old, deserves this adjective. Listen to "Dwitza" with free mind...--an Amazon reviewer

The CD is incredible -- one of the best that I've heard in the past decade, and I listen to a lot of Brazilian music. Ed Motta, once an R&B superstar in Brazil, has reinvented himself as a more serious, more contemplative, jazz-based vocalist with incredible talent. Ed's been steeping himself in classic work from the 60s and 70s for years, but it's rarely shown up in his music until now -- and Dwitza marks a huge departure from Ed's previous work, the kind of "instant classic" album that has reintroduced him as a viable artist with years of creative work to come. Not only that, the record has tremendous global appeal -- one that stretches far past its Portugues lyrics -- as Ed's worked out a musical palette so rich and soulful it easily bridges the gaps between cultures. A real treasure, and one I know I'll be listening to for decades to come. --an Amazon reviewer

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