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Jovino Santos Neto

Roda Carioca (Rio Circle)

Roda Carioca

Jovino is a true Master of the Piano and Flute, a Master in composition, a Master in arrangements, a true Master at performing and the adjectives could go on and on, but all it'd take is for you to purchase this masterpiece and experience it for yourself. This is without a doubt one of the best Brazilian Jazz CDs of this 2006. --an Amazon reviewer

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Jovino Santos Neto CDs, Songbooks, Links

Canto do Rio

Canto Do Rio

A truly gorgeous CD. All Jovino's compositions, with an obvious hint of Hermeto Pascoal, with whom Jovino played piano for many years. The musicianship is impeccable, but the stars are the compositions. Very Brasilian with a Seattle twist. --an Amazon reviewer


with Mike Marshall
More Mike Marshall

The premise here is an interesting one: versatile American mandolinist Mike Marshall (whose roots are in bluegrass) and Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto (who is a Hermeto Pascoal disciple) team up with an occasional guest for an album that surveys 13 of Hermeto Pascoal's 2500 compositions. Giving the official stamp of approval, Pascoal himself is on hand to play on a few of the tunes. But whereas the composer's own performances can be quite playful and even chaotic, Marshall and Neto find a more romantic, somber and harmonically rich vein in the master's Brazilian jazz pantheon while touching on Western classical (particularly the title cut) and other Latin styles. That it seamless blends together is tribute to the top-shelf musicianship of the two principals. The production quality is excellent as well, capturing the delicate timbre of the acoustic instruments and allowing the listener to savor each note of this exquisite music as if sipping from a glass of fine wine. --Tad Hendrickson


with Richard Boukas

Richard Boukas, the great American performer and teacher, teams up with Jovino Santos Neto, long a fixture in Hermeto's band, for a collection of wonderful Brazilian music. Boukas's guitar and vocals are stellar throughout and Jovino's keyboard work is fantastic. A must for lovers of Brazilian music. -- an Amazon reviewer



Live in Olympia (Vivo a Olympia)

Ao Vivo Em Olympia
(Live In Olympia)


Total Reflex

Total Reflex
with Joyce Yarrow

This new recording contains a wonderful spirit and openness, expressing the collaboration of Joyce Yarrow's vocals and lyrics with Jovino Neto's tastful keyboards, flute playing, composing and arranging skills. The support from the other musicians (bass/drums/saxophone) is equally sympathetic, creating an enjoyable set of original, fresh sounding music. -- an Amazon reviewer

Brasil: Duets

Brasil: Duets
with Mike Marshall
More Mike Marshall

Jovino Santos Neto Songbooks

World Music Brazil
by Jovino Santos Neto

Tudo É Som
not currently available on Amazon;
to purchase a copy, contact Neto
at his website,
or by email:

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