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Dori Caymmi

Para Caymmi: De Nana, Dori E Danilo

Para Caymmi: De Nana, Dori E Danilo (2004)

Brazilian Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist & Arranger
working in bossa nova, MPB, jazz and soundtracks

Brazilian Music
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Rio Bahia

Rio Bahia
Joyce & Dori Caymmi

Joyce Has Collaborated with Some of the Finest Musicians in Brazil, Yet as She Looks Back at her Career She Recognises the Importance to her of Composer, Guitarist and Arranger, Dori Caymmi and So it is with Dori that She Presents "Rio Bahia". The Album features Original Material from Dori and Joyce, as Well as Some Re-recordings of a Few Standards. It also features New Songwriting Partnerships: Dori with Chico Buarque and Joyce with Carlos Lyra. Dori Returns with String Arrangements in Addition to Singing on Most Tracks. Joyce: "Rio Bahia is a Passionate Love Chant of Myself and Dori, Two Old-school Cariocas (Rio Natives), to their Rio/Bahia Roots. This Album is a Tale of Two Cites, Both Beautiful but Both Suffering with the Challenges of Metropolitan Modern Life". Joyce is Described by Antonio Carlos Jobim as "One of the Greatest Singers of all Time". --album description

Para Caymmi: De Nana, Dori E Danilo

Para Caymmi: De Nana, Dori E Danilo
Nana, Dori and Danilo singing their father
Dorival's compositions. Highly recommended.

Cinema: A Romantic Vision

Mark Murphy likes his music; Johnny Mathis, too; Lani Hall has just recorded one of his compositions; Sergio Mendes has recorded many of his songs from the 60s. Dori Caymmi is one of the best composers of contemporary post-Bossa Nova Brazilian music. However, this album is quite different because he decided to show his great and well-known ability as an arranger. The original arrangement he wrote for Henry Mancini's "The Pink Panther" gave him a 1999 Grammy nomination. Each track here is a movie theme beautifully re-arranged by Dori. Very exquisite and good. --an reviewer

I'm a big fan of Dori Caymmi's music, but I admit to being a bit suspicious when I saw his new CD of arrangements of film music, including "Pink Panther". I went ahead and bought it anyway--it's fantastic! His arrangements are as clever, colorful and heartfelt as ever. His sidemen, the LA studio musicians he most often works with, are all great players--I was particularly impressed with Billy Childs, Abe Laboriel and Scott Mayo. The sound is impeccable. I do wish he'd found a Brazilian vocalist for "Manha de Carnaval"--the singer is good but her Portuguese accent leaves something to be desired. But don't let this stop you from picking up this great album! --an reviewer

Brazilian Serenata

I've owned it since it was first released, and I still return to it regulary for calm joy, for stimulating relaxation, for plain good music. Dori is a great arranger (Sarah Vaughan), songwriter ("Like A Lover"), guitar player, and singer. On this CD he adds excellent LA studio jazz musicians (some Brazilians themselves) and at least one song by his father (I'm writing this off the cuff, without look at the liner notes.) These elements are mixed by the rhythms of samba, and as he says in "Colors" "Colors run together become as one." This CD may be his best (or maybe "Kicking Cans"), and it's accessible, with no esoteric knowledge of Brazilian music needed to enjoy it. --an reviewer

Dori Caymmi

This CD is one of my favorites. The music is a comforting blend of Brazilian and jazz. The songs are very simple yet its sometimes the simplicity of the songs that make them so heartfelt and warm. I actually kind of consider this more of a winter album because I often listen to it more during the winter because of it's very lonely evening sound. It's hard for me to describe how much this album has meant to me all these years because I grew up listening to this album as well as Kicking Cans and because of this I would never ever give these albums up not even for a million dollars. They are that precious. This album while it came out WAAAYYY back in 1988 doesn't sound dated at all even less than music that came out five years afterwards. Dori Caymmi is a Brazilian master at the acoustic guitar and I wish he would've had more notice here in the US considering how awful pop music has become here lately. Go and get this CD immediately when it becomes available again in Amazon or if you find it at a CD store. Its worth the hard search. And get Kicking Cans too. They are both incredible works of art. --an reviewer

If Ever...

Dori Caymmi ranks with the immortal Antonio Carlos Jobim. The bossa nova and other Brazilian rhythms, played softly, lightly, sensually... this is THE music of romance! His interpretation of Sondheim's CLOWNS is a treat, perfectly reflecting the song's bittersweet lyrics. Some instrumentals, some Portuguese, some English lyrics. But you don't have to know the languages... the music is universal. I'm also grateful the producers put in enough money to enhance various tracks with fuller orchestrations, to set Dori's haunting voice and guitar in a jewel-case setting. For romantics and Brazilian music fans -- turn down the lights and let the music carry you away tonight.--an reviewer

Kicking Cans

I've owned this CD for around 9 years and what I can say is that Kicking Cans is by far one of the best CDs I've ever owned by any acoustic guitarist. The music is Brazilian flavored easy listening jazz music but is so many miles above alot of the elevator music that you hear in stores. Where as the 1988 self-titled album is more of a soundtrack to the winter seasons, Kicking Cans, in my opinion, is music for the spring and summer seasons as the title of track 7 shows. Dori's voice is absolutely incredible and passionate. Where as the 1988 self titled album is a very low-key album with very simple compositions, Kicking Cans to me is a bit more elaborate with a lot more a jazz influenced tinge but in a way that it makes a great companion to the 1988 album. What's also great about Kicking Cans is that while it's almost a decade old it doesn't sound dated at all. It's very difficult for me to write a review for this CD because I don't think I could do it any justice. Maybe a future album that is in the vein of this one might overshadow it but because of me enjoying it for over 9 years, Kicking Cans is the soundtrack to my childhood and when I look back at it, this CD truly brings back great images of it. :) --an reviewer

Caymmi Em Familia

Caymmi Em Família
Dorival, Dori, Danilo & Nana Caymmi

Dori With Milton & Sarah Vaughan

Brazilian Romance

Brazilian Romance
Sarah Vaughan with Milton
Nascimento & Dori Caymmi

About Dori Caymmi
Dori Caymmi Interview (by Bruce Gilman)

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