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Brazilution Series

Brazilution: Edicao, Vol. 5

Brazilution, Edicao 5
includes Max de Castro,
Zuco 103, Arto Lindsay

Brazilution delivers a unique mixture of deep bossa nova and soft, swinging, latin influenced nu jazz. DJ, vocalist and producer Vikter Duplaix performs his mysterious ballad "Morena", Mo’ Horizons are "Alive Tonight" (remixed by URB Next 100 artist Bobby Hughes Combination), Jamiroquai celebrates the "Corner Of The Earth" and Zuco 103 present "Fome Total" (with a remix from the Funky Lowlives). Soul is the special ingredient in many tracks, such as sparkling songs from Donnie and Uschi Classen (with legendary house vocalist Robert Owens). --album description

Brazilution 5.2

Brazilution 5.2

Arndt Kielstropp, the groundbreaking originator of Brazilectro, conjures up a soulful Latin double-CD mix causing the sun to rise and beam the listener into the wonderful idleness of Bahia beach. Brazilution 5.2 is a masterpiece and wins on all levels. With eight exclusive tracks from top artists such as Ian Pooley (as preview to his upcoming new album Souvenirs),Tricatel Inc., Aaron Bingle and Hacienda. With fresh remix versions from top producers such as Masters at Work, Nicola Conte and Kyoto Jazz Massive. It also features rare and hard to get Latin tracks from top vocalists such as Patricia Marx, Ive Mendes and Max de Castro. All in all with 26 stunning tracks selected with unique knowledge and procured with laborious effort - hipsters, vinyl junkies and mainstream listeners will be equally pleased by this great summer selection! --album description


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