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Brazilectro: Latin &
Flavored Club Music


Brazilectro Box Set (12 CDs)
includes Brazilectro "sessions" 1-6 (12 CDs)


Brazilectro (Vol. 1)

Broad reaching to say the least, this collection of "Latin flavored club tunes" proves more a blend of modern nu-jazz (Truby Trio, Jazzanova), your parents' lounge loafers (De-Phazz, The Boys From Brazil) and connecting house points in between (Basement Jaxx, Rinocerose). Ambitious, yes, but effectively realized (especially so on disc one) with DJ Paco de la Cruz's willingness to cull from over ten years of catalog. Yoshinori Sunahara's "Sun Song `70" is brazilpop so upbeat you instantly understand the allure, while S-Tone Inc wraps Air-sampled cascading keys in a thick percussive baking. That's just the start, and even a slight disappointment as these beach-cooked beauties, nearly all at radio edit length, could go twice that length without complaint off their strong instrumental rhythms. Disc two has a letdown with tracks more square than hip; John Beltran's snoozer and DJ Rodriguez's naff "la la la" child chorus for starters. Still, Thievery Corporation, Nicola Conte, and Smith and Mighty (Afrobeat gem "Same") make for tidy discoveries. What's not agreeable to your tastes will probably still be acceptable, so nabbing 23 tracks in one package like this makes for a good deal. --an Amazon reviewer

Brazilectro, Vol. 2

Brazilectro, Vol. 2

The Brazilectro comps are great, but this one is a legend. What started with Bebel Gilberto and the Serve Chilled comps ended up with Thievery Corporation and the Brazilectro comps and recently NuSpirit Helsinki. They put me over the edge on Brazilian music. There are so many gems on this double-CD album, Stand out are the S-Tone Inc and the second half of Disc 1, starting with Elevator, Little Big Bee... and Seis por Ocho on Disc 2. I could go on. Do yourself a fovour and buy it. --an Amazon reviewer


Brazilectro, Vol. 3 : The Fall/Winter Edition

Brazilectro, Vol. 3

This is a solid double disc set. It's different from the previous two Brazilectro's because it is, honestly, darker. While on Brazilectro 2 you had Clara Moreno's upswing samba remake of Feminina and etc, and on Brazilectro 1 you had DJ Rodriguez and light tracks by Yoshinori Sunahara, you don't have that same kind of thing here IMO. Mo'HOrizon's "Hit the Road Jack" is the closest thing and I didn't really like that track. Otherwise, it's a soultry cd. More for exploring the private, white sanded desolate beaches along the coast with hints of the forest behind you than partying in Rio De Janeiro. Notable tracks are Acalento by Janice and Teardrop Butterfly by Praful, along with a smooth and airy vocal by Os Ipanemas called "Icarai". --an Amazon reviewer

Brazilectro, Vol. 4

Brazilectro, Vol. 4

Latin flavored club tunes featuring 24 tracks on 2 CDs and packaged in an attractive multi-folding digipak. Includes tracks from Koop, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Henri Salvador and exclusive tracks from Tricatel Inc., Justin & Janice, Janice hosted by Brown, Smith & Grey, Sound Surgeons, Aaron Bingle & Dublex Inc. feat. Barbara Padron Hernandez. --an Amazon reviewer

Brazilectro, Vol. 5

Brazilectro, Vol. 5

Like most lounge compilations, this is a very eclectic mix of music by many different artists. In fact, this CD serves as an excellent sampler of the wide range of musical styles included within the Latin-flavored club genre. Just as not all the music is from Brazil, not all of it can be categorized as electro-beat. Some of the tracks are pop-song-oriented, some are hardcore club beats, and still others are jazz-oriented. What they have in common is Latin rhythm and a hip club mood. It's hard to listen to the upbeat numbers on this CD without wanting to get up and swing your hips at some point. The slower tempo songs set a laid back chillout mood. The end result is that this two-CD set works both as background party music and as serious late-night mood music. --an Amazon reviewer

Brazilectro: Latin Flavoured Club Tunes, Session 6

Brazilectro, Vol. 6

The style of this set is very similar to the 5th one, only a bit funkier with CD2 being the stand-out. On CD1 you have some African influences along with mellowed out musical tracks like dr. beatnick's cool Terra Nova and Briskey's "Galactic Jack", remixed by Buscemi (if you have St. Germain Des Pres Cafe IV, this is it). Ikon's "Vai E Vem" is given a smooth remix with a twist and Soul Surfer's "Imploracao" has a cool feel to it with a touch of, I believe, Rosalia De Souza's vocal sampled into it. Even [Re:jazz] have a funky cut to close out disc 1. But disc 2 proves to be the strongest with standout cuts being Cool Hipnoise's swingin' "Dama Dada", Ty's soulful and rich "Inner Love", Petgroove's vocal and spacey bossa "Beside Brazil". But the real gem - A Bossa Eletrica's "Tudo Esta Previsto" will take you to Brazil and there more great tunes. --an Amazon reviewer

Brazilectro, Vol. 7

Brazilectro, Vol. 7

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Brazilution: Edicao, Vol. 5

Brazilution, Edicao 5
includes Max de Castro,
Zuco 103, Arto Lindsay

Brazilution delivers a unique mixture of deep bossa nova and soft, swinging, latin influenced nu jazz. DJ, vocalist and producer Vikter Duplaix performs his mysterious ballad "Morena", Mo’ Horizons are "Alive Tonight" (remixed by URB Next 100 artist Bobby Hughes Combination), Jamiroquai celebrates the "Corner Of The Earth" and Zuco 103 present "Fome Total" (with a remix from the Funky Lowlives). Soul is the special ingredient in many tracks, such as sparkling songs from Donnie and Uschi Classen (with legendary house vocalist Robert Owens). --album description

Brazilution 5.2

Brazilution 5.2

Arndt Kielstropp, the groundbreaking originator of Brazilectro, conjures up a soulful Latin double-CD mix causing the sun to rise and beam the listener into the wonderful idleness of Bahia beach. Brazilution 5.2 is a masterpiece and wins on all levels. With eight exclusive tracks from top artists such as Ian Pooley (as preview to his upcoming new album Souvenirs),Tricatel Inc., Aaron Bingle and Hacienda. With fresh remix versions from top producers such as Masters at Work, Nicola Conte and Kyoto Jazz Massive. It also features rare and hard to get Latin tracks from top vocalists such as Patricia Marx, Ive Mendes and Max de Castro. All in all with 26 stunning tracks selected with unique knowledge and procured with laborious effort - hipsters, vinyl junkies and mainstream listeners will be equally pleased by this great summer selection! --album description

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