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Singer, composer, arranger, musician and producer - few artists are acknowledged talents in so many differnt areas. The Recife-born Lenine has become one of the stars of Brazilian popular music, acclaimed by the public, the press, his fellow artists and tastemakers alike. He is considered one of the standard bearers of the Brazilian scene for the 21st century, combining original music with the rhythm of Northeast Brazil over a base of rock, pop and electronica. Lenine has composed for such Brazilian stars as Gilberto Gil, Daude and Sergio Mendes. In 2005 he was the top winner of Brazil's TIM Awards, sweeping the categories of Best CD, Best Male Vocalist, Best Male Vocalist (Popular Vote) and Best Song. he has also received two Latin Grammy Awards in 2005 for Best Brazilian Contemporary Pop Album and Best Brazilian Song. --CD description

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Lenine in Cite: Ao Vivo

Lenine in Cite: Ao Vivo

Recorded at Cite De La Musique in Paris in May 2004. Special Guest: Ramiro Musotto.

Falange Canibal
Lenine is joined by Velha Guarda de Mangueira,
Robert Frejat, Ani DiFranco and Eumir Deodato
(Latin Grammy Winner, 2002)

Na Pressao

Na Pressão

O Dia Em Que Faremos Contato

O Dia Em Que Faremos Contato

Olho De Peixe
with Marcos Suzano

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