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Kuarup Records

Gafieira & Tal

Founded in 1977 by Mario Aretanha, Kuarup is one of Brazil's most important music labels, for its vast repertoire of Villa-Lobos, choro, forró and other music of the Northeast, música caipira, samba, and instrumental music in general.

Featured Kuarup Releases

Luz Das Cordas

Luz Das Cordas
Marco Pereira & Hamilton de Holanda

An Instrumental CD from Marco Pereira (Guitar) and Hamilton De Hollanda (Mandolin), who Perform Songs From: Pixinguinha, Aldir Blanc, Luiz Gonzaga, Ary Barroso, Cristovao Bastos and Own Songs.

So Forro

Só Forro
Sivuca, Dominguinhos,
Xangai, and Maciel Melo

Noites Cariocas

Noites Cariocas

Altamiro Carrilho, Chiquinho, Joel Nascimento,
Paulinho da Viola, Paulo Moura, Paulo Sergio
Santos, Ze da Velha, Henrique Cazes & others

The recording captures two live concerts at Rio's Municipal Theatre in 1987 and 88, and features performances from musicians such as Paulinho da Viola (cavaquinho), Chiquinho (accordeon) and Paulo Moura (clarinet) in a unique ensemble. Choro masterpieces by Pixinguinha and Jacob Bittencourt appear alongside interpretations of classical orchestral composers Villa-Lobos (in an innovative reworking of the 5th Bachiana) and Gnattali (a superb 'Chiquinha Gonzaga'), together with contemporary compositions by Paulinho da Viola himself. The pace varies from slow waltz to fast and furious, but every track demonstrates both individual virtuosity and collective improvisation. This is choro at its finest, by the finest musicians in Brazil.

Choro: Do Quintal Ao Municipal

Choro: Do Quintal Ao Municipal
Henrique Cazes, Epoca de Ouro, Paulo Moura,
Orquestra Pixinguinha, Raphael Rabello, others

Pena Branca Canta Xavantinho
2003 Latin Grammy Nominee for
Best Brazilian Roots/Regional Album


Noel Rosa: Sem Tostao V.2: a Crise Continua

Noel Rosa: Sem Tostao V.2: A Crise Continua
Cristina Buarque & Henrique Cazes

Gafieira & Tal

Paulo Moura
Gafieira, Etc. & Tal

Mistura E Manda

Paulo Moura
Mistura E Manda

Enfim Solo

Enfim Solo

Viola Nordestina

Heraldo Do Monte
Viola Nordestina

Select Kuarup Artists

Cantoria 3


Multirao Da Vida


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Recorded With Kuarup
Renato Teixeira


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