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Hermeto Pascoal

The Legendary Brazilian Multi-Instrumentalist
A Composer Who Fuses Jazz & Brazilian Idioms

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Brazilian Music
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Hermeto Pascoal Albums

Mundo Verde Esperança

Mundo Verde Esperanca

This 2002 release was the first from Hermeto's 'Grupo' after a 10 year recording hiatus. The Grupo here is Hermeto, Fabio Pascoal (perc), Alexandre Marques (piano), Itiberê Zwarg (bass), Marcio Bahia (drums), and Vinícius Dorin (sax/flute). Also featured are members of Itiberê's 'Orquestra Família'(their first recording 'Pedra do Espia' is available here at Amazon), delivering incredible performances of fourteen tunes, each named for one of Pascoal's grandchildren. The music here is fresh, challenging, and inspiring; everything you would expect from 'O Bruxo'. The musicianship is virtuostic; especially from the 'Orquestra' members, none of whom is over 25 years of age! This, along with all the great musicians to have passed through Hermeto's tutelage, is Hermeto's legacy; his 'Universal Music' will live and grow forever. A must for any Hermeto collection; and required listening for jazz fans who want to discover contemporary Brazilian improvised music. --an Amazon reviewer

Eu E Eles

Is his latest album, Hermeto Pascoal exhibits all that has made him famous worldwide. Everything is there: the atmospherical surrouding, the complex harmonies and, of course, the weirdest musical instruments in the world. Hermeto plays tea pots, toys, and ever sings with his mouth full of water. Everything is an instrument in his hands. The band is also amazing, both in technics and harmony. It's brazillian music at it's best, so, if your interested in south-american culture or ever world music. --an Amazon reviewer

Só Não Toca Quem Não Quer

This is just another example of unique and exciting creations from the soul of this master musician. One minute he brings you into the village with traditional folk-like songs, then suddenly you are taken on a tour to some harmonically theatrical planet where you surrender to a groove that only Hermeto can create with his genius rhythms. --an Amazon reviewer

Slaves Mass

I pondered for a bit about what to call this album. "A classic"? "A masterpiece of Brazilian Music"? "An Unknown Genius"? ... The best I can say about Hermeto's work is all of the above and more. I am convinced that if he was born in the United States, he would be as well regarded as Miles Davis himself. I know this is quite a ambitious statement, the kind I am prompt not to make and even disdain when made by others, yet Mr. Pascoal deserves such company. Like Miles, Hermeto never stops re-inventing himself, reaching for the farthest shores of his own soul. Like Miles, it will render you speechless with the breadth of his musical vocabulary, and it may even annoy you, with his unwillingness to repeat himself and rest on the laurels of a "winning formula." This album is a universe onto itself. From the mystic to the bizarre in a single tune (check "Cannon, a lament for flute and two live pigs ... yes, really), or his virtuosity and inspiration on the piano on "Tacho."

If you honor the profound creativity of Miles Davis, the unexpected beauty of Monk's melodies, and the deep musical range of Zappa's parodies, you must buy this gem. One last warning ... don't expect a comfortable listening experience, this is only for those other humans who, like Hermeto, long to be transfixed and transformed by great art. --an Amazon reviewer

Limited Availability

Cerebro Magnetico

A kooky and far-ranging free-jazz album that makes extensive use of indigenous Amazonian percussion and avant-jazz philosophies. Mega-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal, who is one of the key figures in modern Brazilian jazz, plays most of the music on here, apparently multi-tracking on several tunes, to play saxophone, flutes, percussion, woodwinds, piano and guitar, often on the same tune. He also draws on the help of several talented Brazilian jazz players, notably pianist Jovino Jose dos Santos Neto. Although I personally have a pretty short attention span for avantnik jazz, I found this album to be engaging from beginning to end. It's pretty impressive and imaginative; definitely worth checking out. --an Amazon reviewer


Almost 25 yrs old, this recording is a revelation to Hermetologists that did not have access to it before, and for newcomers to the sounds of O Bruxo, this cd contains some of Hermeto's most accessable and most abstract compositions, blended together like a delicious feijoada! Electric and acustic instrumentation,spoken word improvisations and poesia--nordestino ritmos flows to metamorph into odd meters and "fractured" time. Melodies and improvisations move like a great river , placid and glassy one moment, swiftly running rapids then, at times culminating into a freefalling waterfall- a musical Foz do Iguassu! The compositions, "cousins" *Sao Jorge" and the "cosmic baiao" *Santo Antonio* recall Hermeto's roots in the Alagoas state. The musical patterns of the ladies asking for donations to prepare the food for the Festa do Santo are counterpoint to the melody and "suinge" of the composition. "Suite Norte, Sul, Leste ,Oeste" has 4 obvious movements, one for each "direction". The rolling marcha of "Alexandre, Marcelo e Pablo" expands into a mini-symphony, with Cacau overdubbing flauta and woodwinds, Hermeto scats with his clavinete in an inspired solo. "Rede"and "Mestre Mara" ( in which Hermeto invokes "O Mestre", the embodiment of the Maracatu ritmo) --these tracks take a more abstract approach. "Suite Paulistano" is a COMPLETE cacaphany of sounds -- Hermeto's impressions of Sao Paulo, the business and industrial city of over 12 million people from all over Brasil and the world! --an Amazon reviewer

Hermeto with Quarteto Novo

Quarteto Novo

Hermeto As Guest Artist

Miles Davis
Live Evil
Davis records two Hermeto compositions,
"Nem Um Talvez" and "Little Church; the
album guests
Airto Moreira, Wayne Shorter,
Chick Corea; Hermeto is on "Little Church"


Flora Purim
Flora Purim with Airto Moreira,
McCoy Tyner,
Hermeto Pascoal,
George Duke and Ron Carter

Hermeto Pascoal Songbooks

Tudo É Som, edited by Jovino Santos Neto, is not
currently available on; to purchase a
copy, contact Neto at his website,
or by email:


Hermeto Pascoal Links

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