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Ayahuasca DVDs & Videos
Santo Daime & Shamanism

Ayahuasca & Mystical Secrets of the Amazon (4pc)

Ayahuasaca and Mystical Secrets of the Amazon (DVD Set)

One of the greatest mysteries of the Amazon is the shamanic use of sacred plants for inducing mystical and spiritual, visionary experiences. One of the most mysterious and miraculous plants of all is Ayahuasca. Now for the first time in this amazing series of programs you can learn the facts about this legendary plant, its mystery, its use for healing and its unique ability to trigger deeply moving, psychedelic, mystical and spiritual, visionary experiences. Includes four spellbinding full-length programs and presents the facts about Ayahuasca and its use, along with a fascinating series of live presentations with the best known, most credible Ayahuasca researchers in the world today.  Packed with bonus features, expert analyses and unforgettable conclusions about this amazing plant. Exhilarating facts and fascinating discussion for both the scientific and spiritually minded. Features acclaimed Professor of Psychology and author, Stanley Krippner, PhD; Anthropologist and author Luis Eduardo Luna, PhD, and Peter Gorman, noted Drug War journalist and a former Editor-in-Chief of High Times magazine. --DVD description


Sacha Runa: Spirits Of The Forest,
Peruvian Amazon Shamanism (VHS)

with Don Agustin Rivas-Vasquez and
directed by Miguel Kavlin and Sean Adair


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Ayahuasca CDs

Ayahuasca Songs from the Peruvian Amazon

Ayahuasca Songs From
The Peruvian Amazon (CD)

by Luis Vasquz

Ayahuasca CDs: Music for Ayahuasca Rituals

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