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Choro CDs

Brazil's Classic Instrumental Genre

Cafe Brasil

Cafe Brasil, Vol. 1

Tira Poeira

Tira Poeira

Os Choros Dos Chorões

Choros Dos Chorões

Noites Cariocas

Noites Cariocas


Moura: Pixinguinha

Dois Irmãos

Dois Irmãos
Paulo Moura and
Raphael Rabello


Brazilian Music
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Choro CDs: Various Artists

Noites Cariocas

Noites Cariocas
Altamiro Carrilho, Chiquinho, Joel Nascimento,
Paulinho da Viola, Paulo Moura, Paulo Sergio
Santos, Ze da Velha, Henrique Cazes & others

The recording captures two live concerts at Rio's Municipal Theatre in 1987 and 88, and features performances from musicians such as Paulinho da Viola (cavaquinho), Chiquinho (accordeon) and Paulo Moura (clarinet) in a unique ensemble. Choro masterpieces by Pixinguinha and Jacob Bittencourt appear alongside interpretations of classical orchestral composers Villa-Lobos (in an innovative reworking of the 5th Bachiana) and Gnattali (a superb 'Chiquinha Gonzaga'), together with contemporary compositions by Paulinho da Viola himself. The pace varies from slow waltz to fast and furious, but every track demonstrates both individual virtuosity and collective improvisation. This is choro at its finest, by the finest musicians in Brazil. --album description

Choro: Do Quintal Ao Municipal

Choro: Do Quintal Ao Municipal
Henrique Cazes, Epoca de Ouro, Paulo Moura,
Orquestra Pixinguinha, Raphael Rabello, others

Chorando Baixinho: Um Encontro Histórico

Chorando Baixinho: Um Encontro Histórico [LIVE]
with Arthur Moreira Lima, Joel Nascimento, Abel Ferreira,
Epoca De Ouro, Copinha and Ze Da Velha in a historic concert

Os Choros Dos Chorões

Os Choros Dos Chorões
featuring Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim,
Benedicto Lacerda, Canhoto e Seu Regional

Classicos Do Choro

Clássicos De Choro

Choro Groups & Artists


Agua De Moringa: Saracoteando

Aquarela Carioca

Aquarela Carioca

Retocando O Choro: Ao Vivo


Tributo A Waldir Azevedo: O Mestre Do Cavaquinho

Waldir Azevedo

Mandolin Master Of Brazil: Original Classic Recordings, Vol. 1

Jacob do Bandolim

Joaquim Callado

Altamiro Carrilho
Noites Cariocas

Pixinguinha Hermeto & Cia

Henrique Cazes

Yamandu Costa Ao Vivo

Yamandu Costa

Cafe Brasil

Epoca de Ouro

O Genio Das Cordas


Chiquinha Gonzaga

Hamilton De Hollanda

Mike Marshall

Leonardo Miranda
see Joaquim Callado


Paulo Moura

Joel Nascimento
Noites Cariocas

Ernesto Nazareth

No Em Pingo D'Agua

No Na Garganta

No Na Garganta

Marco Pereira


Gilson Peranzzetta

Pixinguinha 100 Anos


Tira Poeira

Tira Poeira

Debut CD by this New Group of Choro. On Repertoire Classics from Great Masters of Choro Like Waldir Azevedo, Jacob Do Bandolin, Pixinguinha and Nelson Cavaquinho.

Luciana Rabello

Luciana Rabello

Raphael Rabello

Quebra-Queixo: Jawbreaker

Rabo de Lagartixa
Quebra-Queixo: Jawbreaker

Rabo de Lagartixa are among Brazil's finest "choro novo" musicians who manage to achieve the impossible: to preserve the great choro instrumental tradition, and to push the envelope forward into the year 2002. The traditional 7-stringed guitar (played fantastically by the great Marcello Gonçalves) and percussion (the renowned Beto Cazes), are joined by acoustic bassist Alexandre Brasil, and the unmistakable sound of Daniela Spielmann on soprano (and alto) sax. The result is joyful, inventive, yet definitely Brazilian. This is a truly great CD.

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