The Brazilian Sound
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Capoeira CDs

Music To Accompany The Afro-Brazilian Martial Art

Grupo De Capoeira Angola Pelourinho

Capoeira Angola From Salvador, Brazil (Audio CD)
Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho

Capoeira Angola, formerly a regional Brazilian form of self-defense and dance, has its roots in African traditions and is becoming popular in urban centers around the world, growing into a widely taught art form and philosophy. This call-and-response singing is accompanied by compelling rhythms played on berimbau and percussion instruments that express and control the performance of the Capoeira fight/dance. The musicians and singers featured on these 39 tracks are among the finest modern performers of Capoeira Angola music. --CD description

Capoeira Angola, Vol. 2 - Brincandoo Na Roda

Capoeira Angola, Vol. 2 - Brincando Na Roda (Audio CD)

Following Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho's introduction via their 1996 release Capoeira Angola from Salvador, Brazil, the group returns with an even stronger statement, well worth the wait. Delving deeper into capoeira's mental and physical "poetry in motion," the music on Brincando na Roda brings to life the essence of this graceful art form's self-defense-styled movements. An integral part of capoeira, the music is a complementary 'soundtrack' which resulted from a cross-pollination of African origins and Brazilian culture. Capoeira as a whole continues to flourish and spread exponentially throughout the world today. Extensive notes in English and Portuguese, 45 minutes. --CD description

Capoeira: Cordao de Ouro

Mestre Suassuna
Capoeira: Cordão De Ouro (Audio CD)

Capoeira: Cordao de Ouro (MP3 Download)

Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna, the Famous Mestre Suassuna, Has 40 Years of
Experience in Educating and Preserving the Capoeira Sport. --CD description

Air Mail Music: Capoeira - Brazil

Capoeira Brazil: Air Mail Music (Audio CD)

Capoeira - a form of dance and martial arts - came into being in Brazil over four hundred years ago! Here, Mestre Iram Custodio (one of the very finest exponents of the genre) performs the music with all its varous rhythms - sao bento, maculele, samba and more. A lively pleasure!--CD description

Capoeira: Legendary Music of Brazil

Capoeira: Legendary Music Of Brazil
Guilherme Franco

Listening to this music without actually seeing the astounding acrobatics and physical movement of the capoeira martial art form is sort of like listening to a movie soundtrack without the movie: you miss the visual aspect, but it allows you to hear the music more fully. Guilherme Franco plays the Brazilian berimbau, a kind of bow with a metal string that is struck with a stick. The sound is like no other percussion instrument; it buzzes, it sustains, it alters pitch like a bent note on a steel-string guitar. Capoeira is a mix of solo pieces ("Juna," "Juna Verdadeira"), pieces accompanied by other instruments (drums on "Sao Bento Grande" and "My Beat," rattle on "Batida Nova Rapida," and flute on "Juna Ocarina"), and full-out songs. But this catalog only hints at the richness of this recording and of the sound the berimbau makes when Franco's stick strikes the string. --Genevieve Williams

Capoeira Mata Um

Capoeira Mata Um (Audio CD)
The Capoeira Project


Capoeira: Spiritual Vitamins (Audio CD)

Berimbau Blues

Berimbau CDs: The Afro-Brazilian Musical Bow

Capoeira (Sport in the Global Society, 45)

Capoeira Books

Basic Techniques of Capoeira-D

Capoeira Instruction DVDs

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