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The Atlantic Forest Of South America: Biodiversity Status, Threats, and Outlook (State of the Hotspots)

Brazilian Flora, Fauna & Biodiversity *****  Environments And
Ecosystems Of Brazil * Enviromentalism * Amazon Rainforest
Pantanal * Cerrado * Caatinga *** Sertão * Atlantic Rainforest

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The Atlantic Forest Of South America: Biodiversity Status, Threats, and Outlook (State of the Hotspots)

The Atlantic Forest Of South America:
Biodiversity Status, Threats, And Outlook (Hardcover)

The Atlantic Forest Of South America (Paperback)
Carlos Galindo-Leal and Ibsen De Gusmao Camara

The Catfish Connection (Biology and Resource Management Series)

The Catfish Connection: Ecology, Migration,
And Conservation Of Amazon Predators

by Michael Goulding and Ronaldo Barthem

The Cerrados of Brazil

The Cerrados Of Brazil
by Paulo S. Oliveira and Robert J. Marquis

Ecopolitics Of Development In The Third
World: Politics And Environment In Brazil

by Robert A. Guimaraes

Entangled Edens: Visions of the Amazon

Entangled Edens: Visions Of The Amazon
by Candace Slater

Floods of Fortune

Floods Of Fortune: Ecology And
Economy Along The Amazon

by Michael Goulding, Nigel J.H.
Smith and Dennis J. Mahara

The Healing Forest: Medicinal and Toxic Plants of the Northwest Amazonia: Medicinal and Toxic Plants of the Northwest Amazonia (Historical, Ethno-& Economic Botany, Vol 2)

The Healing Forest: Medicinal And Toxic
Plants Of The Northwest Amazonia

Richard Evans Schultes and Robert F. Raffauf

The destruction of the Amazon forests continues, and with them an unknown number of plant species and the traditional knowledge of their medicinal uses. Schultes (biology, Harvard U.) and Raffauf (pharmacognosy and medicinal chemistry, Northeastern U.) combine nearly half a century of field research in this least studied part of the Amazonian drainage area to document and describe 1,479 species and variants, representing 596 genera in 145 plant families. Of these, half have had little or no prior investigation of their chemical and pharmacological properties.--book description

Insight Guide: Amazon Wildlife

Maracá: The Biodiversity and Environment of an Amazonian Rainforest

Maraca: The Biodiversity And Environment
Of An Amazonian Rainforest

edited by William Milliken and James A. Ratter

The Pantanal of Mato Grosso (Brazil): World's Largest Wetlands (Monographiae Biologicae)

The Pantanal Of Mato Grosso (Brazil):
World's Largest Wetlands

by Francis Dov Por

The Pantanal: Understanding and Preserving the World's Largest Wetland

The Pantanal: Understanding And
Preserving The World's Largest Wetland

edited by Frederick Swarts

The Smithsonian Atlas of the Amazon

The Smithsonian Atlas Of The Amazon
A beautifully illustrated volume  with 150 color maps,
289 color photos, and details of 14 rivers

by Michael Goulding, Ronald Barthem
and Efrem Jorge Gondim Ferreira

So Fruitful A Fish: Ecology, Conservation,
And Aquaculture Of The Amazon's Tambaqui

by Michael Guilding

Tales Of A Shaman's Apprentice:
An Ethnobotanist Searches For New
Medicines In The Amazon Rain Forest

by Mark Plotkin

Diversity, Development And Conservation
Of Amazonia's Whitewater Floodplains

Edited by Christine Padoch, Jose Marcio Ayres,
Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez, Andrew Henderson

With Broadax And Firebrand:
The Destruction Of The Atlantic Rain Forest

by Warren Dean

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