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Chill Brazil Series
Laid Back Brazilian Sounds

Chill: Brazil, Vol. 3

Chill Brazil 3
Various Artists

Volume 3 in the ''cool'' series features tracks from Joao Gilberto, Celso Fonseca, Tom Jobim, Gal Costa and more on 2-CDs. Warner. 2004.

Chill: Brazil, Vol. 2

Chill Brazil 2
Various Artists

Chill Brazil 2, compiled by Joyce, is a double disc set of some musica popular Brasileira (MPB) and some older Bossa Nova. It features some of the legendary singers and songwriters of Brazil along with some of the not so publicized contemporary artists or popular artists through the years. You'll see Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Pascoal, Gilberto Gil's tunes in there along with Bebel Gilberto, Kaleidoscopio, Preta Gil, Sonia Rosa, Tania Maya, Zuco 103 and the like. My favorite cut is, well, the Joyce exclusive which has hints of her classic "Feminia" written all over it. Gilberto Gil's "O Lugar Do Nosso Amor" is also cool - I liked the hint of "So Tinha De Ser Com Voce" in it even then. My gripe? Well, again, it's not the strongest of MPB, and was including Marcos Valles "Crickets Sing for Ana Maria" an oversight? (it's track 12 on his Chill Brazil). Finally - WEA released a few other cd's mixed by Eddy De Clercq titled "Boss-A-Troniq" and "Boss-A-Troniq II". They're pretty solid new Bossa Comps which feature Towa Tei, Nicola Conte, EBTG, Truby Trio, etc. - music popular in 2000-2001. --an Amazon reviewer

Chill Brazil 1
Various Artists

This is a true Brazilian Gem, especially since these cuts were picked by a true legend: Marcos Valle. We have here a little bit of everything for everybody; Brazilian Jazz cuts, Bossa Nova classics performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto; MPB (Pop-type of music from Brasil), etc. etc.
But what I think is the most important factor in this compilation is the introduction Marcos Valle does to many of us of great Brazilian groups and artists that hardly make it outside Brasil. If you are a TRUE Brazilian music fan, get this CD, it's a gem.--an Amazon reviewer

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