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Books About
Brazilian Music

The Brazilian Sound:
Samba, Bossa Nova And
The Popular Music of Brazil

by Chris McGowan
& Ricardo Pessanha

Bossa Nova: The Story of the Brazilian Music That Seduced the World

Bossa Nova:
The Story Of The
Brazilian Music That
Seduced The World
by Ruy Castro

Carnival in Rio

Carnival In Rio
(book & CD)

photos of Rio's Carnaval
by Helmut Teissl

Hello, Hello Brazil:
Popular Music i
n The
Making Of Modern Brazil

by Bryan McCann

Antonio Carios Jobim for Fingerstyle Guitar

Brazilian Music


Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset (with CD)

Drumming & Percussion
for Brazilian Music

Brazilian Music: Northeastern
Traditions And The Heartbeat
Of A Modern Nation

by Larry Crook

Music in Brazil : Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture Includes CD (Global Music Series)

Music In Brazil: Experiencing
Music, Expressing Culture
(with 60-minute CD)

by John P. Murphy

Choro: A Social History Of
A Brazilian Popular Music
by Tamara Elena

Brutality Garden: Tropicalia and the Emergence of a Brazilian Counterculture

Brutality Garden: Trópicalia
And The Emergence Of A
Brazilian Counterculture
by Christopher Dunn

The Brazilian Sound
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Heitor Villa-Lobos: A Life (1887-1959)

Heitor Villa-Lobos: A Life
by David P. Appleby

Capoeira (Sport in the Global Society, 45)

Books On

Samba: Resistance in Motion (Arts and Politics of the Everyday)

Samba: Resistance
In Motion
by Barbara Browning


by George Ancona
Carnaval in Olinda (Brazil)

Tropical Truth: A Story of Music and Revolution in Brazil

Tropical Truth:
A Story Of Music &
Revolution In Brazil

by Caetano Veloso

The Mystery of Samba : Popular Music and National Identity in Brazil

The Mystery Of Samba:
Popula Music And National
Identity In Brazil
by Hermano Vianna

Brazilian Popular Music and Globalization

Brazilian Popular Music And Globalization (hardback)

Brazilian Popular Music (paper)
Charles Perrone & C. Dunn

Voices of the Magi: Enchanted Journeys in Southeast Brazil (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology)

Voices Of The Magi:
Enchanted Journeys In
Southeast Brazil

by Suzel Ana Reily

Xuxa: The Mega-Marketing of Gender, Race, and Modernity

Xuxa: The Mega-Marketing Of
Gender, Race, And Modernity

by Amelia Simpson

Rhythms of Resistance: African Musical Heritage in Brazil

Rhythms Of Resistance: The
African Musical Heritage Of Brazil

by Peter Fryer

More Books On Brazilian Music

Volume 40. Bossa Nova - 10 Latin Jazz Favorites (Jazz Play-Along)

Bossa Nova Songbooks

Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbooks

Brazilian Music Songbooks (All Types)

Maracatu Atomico
Tradition, Modernity, And Postmodernity
In The Mangue Movement And The "New
Music Scene" Of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
by Philip Galinsky

Musica Brasileira: A History Of
Popular Music & The People Of Brazil

by Claus Schreiner

by Alma Guillermoprieto
A year with Rio's Mangueira samba
school and its Carnaval preparations

The Social History Of Brazilian Samba
by Lisa Shaw

Books On Latin & World Music

Cuarteto Music And
Dancing From Argentina

by Jane Florine

Divine Utterances:
The Performance
Of Afro-Cuban Santeria

by Katherine Hagedorn

The Latin Tinge:
The Impact Of Latin American
Music On The United States

by John Storm Roberts

Merengue: Dominican Music
And Dominican Identity

by Paul Asterlitz

The Rough Guide To World Music:
Latin & North America, Caribbean,
India, Asia & The Pacific

edited by Simon Broughton

The Rough Guide To World Music:
Africa, Europe & The Middle East

edited by Simon Broughton


Surdo Basic Model

Brazilian Instruments

The Bongo Book

Drumming Instruction Books
for World Music & Drum Circles

at Culture Planet

Remembering How to Drum: Djembe Technique

World Music Drumming Instruction DVDs
at Culture Planet

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