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Lonely Planet Brazilian Portuguese

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Portuguese Instruction: Courses And Phrasebooks

Lonely Planet Brazilian Portuguese

Lonely Planet Brazilian Phrasebook

Conversational Brazilian-Portuguese : The Easy Method

Conversational Brazilian-Portuguese
by Cortina

Brazilian Portuguese: A Complete Course for Beginners (Teach Yourself; Book only)

Brazilian Portuguese:
A Complete Course For Beginners

by Sue Tyson-Ward

Portuguese Memory Book:
A New Approach To Vocabulary Building

by William F. Harrison

Say It In Portuguese: Brazilian Usage
by Alexander Prista

Portuguese in 10 Minutes a Day
by Kristine K. Kershul

Portuguese Dictionaries

Oxford Portuguese Dictionary (Oxford)

Portuguese Dictionaries:
Portuguese-English & English-Portuguese

Verbs & Grammar Guides

501 Portuguese Verbs (501 Verb Series)

501 Portuguese Verbs:
Fully Conjugated In All The Tenses
In A New Easy-To-Learn Format
Alphabetically Arranged

by John J. Nitti and Michael J. Ferreira

An Introductory Portuguese Grammar
by Edwin Bucher Williams

Essential Portuguese Grammar
by Alexander da R. Prista

Brazilian Portuguese Audio & Video

Portuguese (Brazilian) I : 2nd Ed. Rev (Comprehensive)

Brazilian Portuguese Instruction:
Audio CDs, Cassettes & Videos


Portuguese CD-ROMs

Portuguese Instruction Software

Portuguese for Kids

Milet Mini Picture Dictionary: English - Portuguese (Milet Mini Picture Dictionaries)

Portuguese Instruction for Kids

English (Ingles) for Brazilians

English for Portuguese (Brazilian) Speakers (Quick & Simple)

English For Portuguese Speakers
(Ingles Pra Quem Fala Portugues)

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