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Books About Brazilian
Environmental Issues

So Fruitful a Fish (Biology and Resource Management Series)

Books about environmental issues in Brazil, the Amazon basin, the Atlantic rain forest (mata atlantica), and Brazilian cerrado, caatinga, sertao, and other ecosystems.

Brazil Books
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With Broadax and Firebrand: The Destruction of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest (A Centennial Book)

With Broadax And Firebrand:
The Destruction Of The Atlantic Rain Forest

by Warren Dean

A history of human occupation in Brazil's Atlantic Forest, located in the country's most densely populated region, from an environmental perspective, detailing the devastation wrought to the region by mining, slash and burn farming, coffee, and industrialization, and the battles between conservationists and developers in the late 20th century. Discusses the evolution of technologies used to exploit the forest, and the role of social and cultural forces.

After the Trees: Living on the Transamazon Highway

After The Trees: Living On
The Transamazon Highway

by Douglas Ian Stewart

Brazil intended the Transamazon Highway to be a paved road to riches, but as recently as 1989 the 1,000-kilometer trip from Belém to Altamira required "three days, six buses, three boats, and a ten-hour hitch with a truck driver named Eduardo" to travel. This lively, readable study explores why colonization of the Amazon fell short of the planners' vision. Delving into issues of land distribution, soil ecology, and the colonists' adaptation to local ecosystems, Douglas Stewart uncovers the forces that drive deforestation. Recounting fascinating stories of the colonists he met, Stewart also describes how small farmers have banded together during the past decade to overcome the challenges of the frontier. Their collective action, he asserts, if backed by government policy, could lead to progressive land redistribution and wiser use. This broad-ranging look at why deforestation has occurred in the Amazon, what its consequences are, and what can be done to halt and remedy the process should be read by everyone concerned with preserving the Latin American environment.

The Atlantic Forest Of South America: Biodiversity Status, Threats, and Outlook (State of the Hotspots)

The Atlantic Forest Of South America:
Biodiversity Status, Threats, And Outlook (Hardcover)

The Atlantic Forest Of South America (Paperback)
Carlos Galindo-Leal and Ibsen De Gusmao Camara

The Brazilian Amazon Rainforest: Global
Ecopolitics, Development And Democracy

by Luiz C. Barbosa

Barbosa (sociology, San Francisco State University) provides a global, world-systemic analysis of the problem of deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. He shows how changes in global ecopolitics demanding sustainable development, coupled with the onset of democracy in Brazil, substantially altered the battle over the future of Amazonia. He describes deforestation in the region in the context of an expanding frontier of global capitalism, and compares Amazon experiences with those of Costa Rica, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Ecopolitics Of Development In The Third
World: Politics And Environment In Brazil

by Robert A. Guimaraes

In Amazonia: A Natural History

In Amazonia: A Natural History
Paperback by Hugh Raffles

In the Rainforest: Report from a Strange, Beautiful, Imperiled World

In The Rainforest: Report From
A Strange, Beautiful, Imperiled World

by Catherine Caulfield

"I recommend In The Rainforest as scientific journalism at its best, and [Caufield's] book as the one to read to become informed about the tropical crisis. Caufield traveled the world, went to the difficult places, sometimes beautiful and often dispiriting, mastered the important ideas, and talked to an impressive number of people on all sides of the issues. . . . There are villains in abundance: corrupt government agents who aid in the destruction of native tribes, greedy caballero landowners, and even the governmental planners who with the best of intentions rush heedlessly toward the environmental degradation of their own countries."--E. O. Wilson, Science

The Pantanal: Understanding and Preserving the World's Largest Wetland

The Pantanal: Understanding And
Preserving The World's Largest Wetland

edited by Frederick Swarts

So Fruitful a Fish (Biology and Resource Management Series)

So Fruitful A Fish: Ecology, Conservation,
And Aquaculture Of The Amazon's Tambaqui

by Michael Guilding

Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice: An Ethnobotanist Searches for New Medicines in the Rain Forest

Tales Of A Shaman's Apprentice:
An Ethnobotanist Searches For New
Medicines In The Amazon Rain Forest

by Mark Plotkin

Entangled Edens: Visions of the Amazon

Entangled Edens: Visions Of The Amazon
by Candace Slater

Gauchos and the Vanishing Frontier
by Richard W. Slatta

Amazon : From the Floodplains to the Clouds


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