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UFOs in Brazil

Ufos and Abductions in Brazil

Reports of UFOs in Brazil: Brazilian unidentified flying objects, abductions, close encounters, UFO crashes, Villas-Boas incident & more.

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UFO Crash in Brazil

UFO Crash in Brazil
by Roger, K. Leir

Ufo Danger Zone: Terror & Death in Brazil

Ufo Danger Zone: Terror & Death in Brazil
by Bob Pratt

Ufos and Abductions in Brazil

Ufos and Abductions in Brazil
by Irene Granchi

South American ufologist Irene Granchi has been involved with UFOs for over 50 years and has been studying them intensively for over 30 years. The author offers a plethora of case histories. Brazil has been a hotbed of UFO incidents since the '50s, and this work serves as both a personal memoir and a scientifically-directed account of the happenings that have occurred there. Irene Granchi has researched the sightings, the report of crash landings and the abduction and cloning cases. Long involved in UFO research, Irene Granchi is the former editor of the magazine OVNI Documento, and president and founder of CISNE (Center of Investigations on the Nature of Extraterrestrials) with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. She spends her time researching and writing. --book description


UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence

UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence
by Don Berliner and Whitley Streiber


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