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Pele:  His Life and Times

Pele: His Life And Times
by Harry Harris

Harris's book is a tribute to the life and times of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more commonly known as Pele, arguably the greatest athlete ever to have played the game of soccer. Time magazine named Pele as one of the top 20 heroes and icons of the 20th century. Harris ably traces Pele's life through interviews with the legend, his family, and colleagues. Born in 1940, Pele started his career at the age of 16, played in 1,363 games before retiring, and scored nearly 1300 goals. He "brought happiness to the Brazilian people" and, playing for the New York Cosmos toward the end of his athletic life, even brought a little joy to many Americans previously unaware of the "beautiful game." Harris is an award-winning sportswriter and is currently the chief soccer correspondent of the London Mirror. Published in England in 2000, this biography is a good read for soccer enthusiasts and includes an index, plus 16 black-and-white photographs.--Larry R. Little

Pele: The King of Soccer (Social Studies Emergent Readers)

Pele: The King Of Soccer
by Susan Canizares

Pele, My Life and the Beautiful Game

Pele: My Life And The Beautiful Game
by Pele with Robert L. Fish

This autobiography is an excellent, descriptive anology of a great athelete who exceeded far more than any other player in the history of game. The story is told through the eyes of the man behind the legend, in his own words. It is a motivational story for any player, any age, at any level in the game. Pele's encounters are an inspiration to anyone who reads this book.--book description

The Beautiful Team

The Beautiful Team:
In Search Of Pele & The 1970 Brazilians
by Garry Jenkins

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Ronaldo: The Journey of a Genius

Ronaldo: The Journey of a Genius
by James Mosley

The Principles of Brazilian Soccer

The Principles of Brazilian Soccer
by Thadeu Goncalves

Jose Thadeu Goncalves has played professional soccer in Brazil for five years and holds a Brazilian National Coaching License. In The Principles Of Brazilian Soccer, Goncalves effectively collaborates with Professor Julio Mazzei is an authoritative study of how technical skills at soccer develop. The Principles Of Brazilian Soccer meticulously examines the tactical principles the game, including insightful discussions of Brazilian soccer philosophy, methodology, coaching approaches, and more. The Principles Of Brazilian Soccer is a detailed and exceptional guide recommended especially for advanced soccer players seeking to improve their performance, as well as coaches and fans. Black-and-white diagrams illustrate some of the more complex plays, strategies, and issues.--an Amazon reviewer

Soccer Madness: Brazil's Passion for the World's Most Popular Sport

Soccer Madness: Brazil's Passion
for the World's Most Popular Sport

by Janet

Futebol: Soccer: The Brazilian Way

Futebol: Soccer: The Brazilian Way
by Alex Bellos

Alex Bellos, a British journalist for the Observer and Guardian, does an excellent job with this tremendously researched book. He takes the reader across the sprawling expanse of continental Brazil, and we are left with a very candid view about "futebol," along with its history, traditions, innovations, humorous characters, corruption, but above all, that it is underlying glue uniting a very diverse nation. One can argue that soccer is the common religion of Brazil. Perhaps more apt would be to say that Brazil is the temple for those who worship world soccer. We have found our Holy Book in this work by Mr. Bellos. --an Amazon reviewer


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