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The ABCs of Brazilian Percussion (Book & CD)

The ABCs of Brazilian Percussion (Book & DVD)

Learn to play with the right feel and the correct technique in this comprehensive guide to Brazilian percussion. This book, with DVD, focuses on the 12 most important percussion instruments in Brazilian music and concentrates on teaching the viewer the right "groove" to become proficient with samba, samba reggae, baião, frevo and maracatú. In addition, the viewer will learn basic patterns and the importance of Brazilian clave. The DVD is included because Brazilian percussion is best learned though visual examples. A beautiful way to start delving into the world of Brazilian percussion! A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ney Rosauro has developed a successful international career as a percussionist, composer and pedagogue. He has a Doctoral degree from the University of Miami, FL, Masters degree from the Hochschule fur Musik Wurzburg in Germany and Bachelors degree from the Universidade de Brasilia in Bazil. Currently he is the Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Miami. --book description

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Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset (with CD)

Brazilian Rhythms For Drumset (Book & CD)
by Duduka Da Fonseka

Brazilian Rhythms are fantastic. This book is quite good, it has sections on Samba, Bossa Nova, Baiao, Maracatu, Marca and Frevo, and patterns in odd meters. The book starts with a short introduction on Brazilian music and then explaines the traditional Rhythms and the traditional Brazilian instruments and then demonstrates how to apply those rhythms to the drumset, the book comes with two CDs which demonstrated most of the musical samples in the book. Great book for drumset players and ALSO for those who want to understand Brazilian Rhythms. --an Amazon reviewer


Brazilian Rhythms for the Drumset - BK/2 CDs

Brazilian Rhythms For The Drumset: Bossa Nova and Samba (Book & 2 CDs)
by Henrique C.De Almeida

This book offers the reader an in depth look at Bossa Nova and Samba rhythms including the cultural origins, applications and role in Brazilian society. Almeida clearly gives drummers the tools that they need to incorporate these styles and a myriad of their variants into their own drumset technique, adding a new scope to their sound while achieving and authentic Brazilian feel. Mr. Henrique De Almeida holds a Masters Degree in Music Performance, and is a graduate of The Berklee College of Music with a degree in Jazz Composition. He has performed, toured and or recorded with Nat Adderley, Nelson Rangel, Jeff Narell, Ira Sullivan, Tiger Okoshy, Victor Mendonza, Danilo Perez, Phil Wilson, Baron Brown, Matt Garrison, Kim Stone, Steve Hunt, Dave Valentin, Bill Summers, Hilton Ruiz, Betty Carter, Willie Williams, Nando Lauria, Alceu Valenca, Gilberto Gill, Greg Hopkins, Bill Cosby, Brian Lynch, Ronnie Matthews, David Williams, Luciana Souza, Katy Webster, and Oscar Kartaia, among others. --book description

Brazilian Rhythms for Drum Set and Percussion

Brazilian Rhythms for Drum Set and Percussion (Book & CD)
by Alberto Netto

Spice up your percussion rhythms and grooves with this book/CD pack by Brazilian native Alberto Netto! Learn to play the most popular and influential Brazilian rhythms on both traditional percussion instruments and on the drum set. The vital techniques and styles covered include: hand percussion; Samba; Forro; Carnaval rhythms; Afro-Brazilian rhythms; sacred music and more. Includes a glossary of Brazilian Portuguese terms and instruments, and a CD to help both the novice and experienced player perfect this rhythmic language. --book description


Brazilian Percussion Manual

Brazilian Percussion Manual
by Dan Sabanovich

Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion (Book & Enhanced CD)

Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion (Book & Enhanced CD)
by Chalo Eduardo

Finally, a book no percussionist should be without! This unique guide to world percussion covers 28 different instruments with descriptions and performance techniques. Exercises and traditional rhythms are illustrated in both traditional music notation and time box notation. The enhanced CD doubles as a fun multimedia learning tool that works on any Windows-compatible or Macintosh computer. The CD includes all the written musical exercises and rhythms, as well as superb audio/visual demonstrations that can be slowed down for practice purposes. With information on several different cultures and six unique compositions, Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion is the definitive guide to getting you started with your own drum circle. --book description

The Essence of Brazilian Percussion & Drum Set (with CD)

The Essence Of Brazilian Percussion & Drum Set (Book & CD)
by Ed Uribe

This is a great book. I was surprised no one had reviewed it already. This book is similar to Uribe's "Essence of Afro-Cuban Percussion and Drum Set" (also recommended). The first half is an overview of brazilian percussion instruments that is wonderful for those of us new to this area. He presents the instruments and then some basic patterns for that instrument with audio examples (see below for comment). The (short) middle section provides some information of arrangements of brazilian songs. The third section presents ways to play samba and bossa nova drum set.  In all, this a godsend for those learning brazilian percussion. It is not perfect, he clearly spent less time on it than the afro-cuban one, and not complete, but it is still really great. --an Amazon reviewer


Intro to Brazilian Percussion (DVD)
with Cassio Duarte

This dvd features renowed percussionist Cassio Duarte from Brazil as the instructor. He takes the viewer on a tour of more than 12 different Brazilian percussion instruments and explains each one while teaching the viewer a simple pattern. The patterns that he teaches allows the viewer to learn three different tradition rhythms which are pagode, baiao and batacuda. He also explains call and response. The video section is very clear the instruments sound very good. Cassio goes slow enough for the begginner and at the end the rhythms are played at actual speed so that the viewer can play along at the correct speed.--DVD description

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