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Luiz Bonfá CDs & Links

Solo in Rio 1959

Luiz Bonfa, the sublime Brazilian
guitarist-composer who became world
famous with the "Black Orpheus" score

Brazilian Music
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Luiz Bonfa CDs

Amor!: The Fabulous Guitar of Luiz Bonfa

Amor! The Fabulous Guitar Music Of Luiz Bonfa

Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro): The Original Sound Track From The Film

Black Orpheus (Soundtrack)
the movie that put bossa nova on the
world musical map, with songs by
Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luiz Bonfá

The Bonfa Magic

The Bonfa Magic

The one-of-a-kind genius that was Luiz Bonfa was captured as never before in "The Bonfa Magic", a gorgeous album recorded in 1991. Old hits revisited (Manha de Carnaval, Almost in Love, Sofisticada) and haunting new songs (Subtle Samba, Ruth's Waltz, Smooth Dreams) are performed by Bonfa with an excellent all-Brazilian rhythm section. Some tracks include subtle additional arrangements by producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro, with solo spots by Gene Bertoncini, Thiago DeMello and Marcio Montarroyos. Get it soon before it goes out-of-print.--an Amazon reviewer

Jazz Samba Encore!

Jazz Samba Encore!
Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfá

Luiz Bonfa's playing is as beautiful as Stan Getz's playing is as good as Maria Toledo's singing. After several years I still can't get over how good these three are, and how beautiful each arrangement is - Antonio Carlos Jobim lent a hand with the arrangements and also appears on several tracks playing the piano in his distinct and most singinglike way. There are upbeat sambas as well as some incredibly moving slower tracks. Their version of "Insensatez" is, without doubt, the most beautiful ever recorded. It's such a treat to hear such wonderful music! Both Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfa as masterful "singers" of their instruments. Everything they play on this album is singable; and I give you my personal guarantee that they will give you goose bumps, make your eyes water, spine tingle. Maria Toledo's voice is one of a kind - powerful, with a dark but sensitive tone. --an Amazon reviewer

Luiz Bonfa Plays and Sings Bossa Nova

Luiz Bonfa Plays And Sings Bossa Nova

Oh, this album is so satisfying. Especially the 2nd track: "Vem So (Come Here My Love)", a great love song. On this album Bonfa's guitar playing is elegant and simple, and the orchestrations by Lalo Schifrin extremely romantic. It covers many styles, with one song reminding me of Joao Gilberto and another of Henry Mancini. This album is one of the great legacies of 1960s bossa nova. Sweet, romantic and totally hip. --an Amazon reviewer


Solo in Rio 1959

Luiz Bonfa: Solo in Rio 1959
2005 rerelease of '59 classic

One of the most creative guitar virtuosos of the 20th century, Luiz Bonfá is celebrated as one of the principal architects of the cool Brazilian sound of bossa nova - and as co-author, with Antônio Carlos Jobim, of the film score to "Black Orpheus." But Bonfá was far more than the composer of "Manhã de Carnaval." His technical mastery, intimacy, and dynamism suffuse every track of this first CD edition of his masterpiece, a long-unobtainable solo 1959 LP, along with a half-hour of previously unreleased material from the original studio session. 70 minutes, 31 tracks, 32 page booklet with extensive notes by Anthony Weller. --album description

Non-Stop to Brazil

Non-Stop To Brazil
with Café and Gene Bertoncini

Bonfa is not only an incredibly talented composer, but a guitarist of great artistry. Jobim said of Bonfa, "...his guitar is a little orchestra." Here Bonfa is joined by Brazilian percussionist, Cafe, and on three tracks by American guitarist, Gene Bertoncini. All the songs here receive the most tender interpretation possible. While soft and gentle, the performance is filled with passion. This is a lovely and evocative album. Highly recommended.--an Amazon reviewer


Luiz Bonfa Links
Luiz Bonfa Discography (by Koichi & Motoko Yasuoka)


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