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Baden Powell

the great Brazilian guitarist & composer

Brazilian Music
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Os Afro Sambas
Baden Powell's re-recording of
original Os Afro Sambas album


Baden Powell Box Set (Import)

A 13-CD set that Includes these albums: Apresentando Baden Powell E Seu Violao (1961), Um Violao Na Madrugada (1961), Os Afro Sambas (1966), Ao Vivo No Teatro Santa Rosa (1966), Tempo Feliz (1966), A Votande (1967), Baden Powell Swings With Jimmy Pratt (1967), O Som De Baden Powell (1968), Show/Recital (1968), 27 Horas De Estudio (1969), As Musicas De Baden Powell E Paulo Cesar Pineiro (1970), Estudos (1971), and E De Iei (1972).

At last, the box-set gathering the Brazilian releases of one of the most important jazz guitarists of the XX century reaches the US market. Many, if not all, of the titles contained in this collection have been unavailable for years, so this is a long-overdue recognition to the late guitar god and a definitive collection of firsts for guitarists and non-players alike. Baden Powell's innovations in songwriting and arranging as well as his amazing right hand technique will continue to inspire listeners for years to come.

Aside from his first solo efforts ("Apresentando Baden Powell e seu violão" and "Um violão na madrugada") which contain some arrangements which sound a bit dated and could be dismissed as "elevator music" when listened to out of context, all of the titles contained in the box are gems of their time and are highly recommended. Last, but not least, if you are looking for a reissue of the 1966 album "Os Afro Sambas de Baden e Vinicius" look no further. It (the original, not the '90's re-recording) is included in the set. -an reviewer

Baden Powell
(Personalidade Series)


There are no words, I repeat, nothing you can say, to communicate what goes on in this man, that is *precisely* why what comes out of him through that guitar will open a whole new world to you. I am a new Baden Powell fan after hearing the incredible percussionist, Cyro Baptista praise him on a PBS World Music Special in the fall of 1998. Cyro said Baden gave the fast samba, and the complex playing style, definition, and there is much more to him than samba rythym. The things I heard in a 15 second clip of a 60's concert eminating from Powell, concerned me enough that there were things in music, so far beyond normal composition, above the shelf of everyday music, and so overlooked by the world in general, I had to buy it. The insane chords, rythyms, layerings, counterparts within his 3 piece! How could the world, especially musicians, for so long have ignored this mad-man?!?!? He can take a beautiful, airy, classical quote, say a Debussy-ish line, imply a tight pocketted samba rythym that may or may not actually exist or be audible, and make you cry and at the same time, be lost in a state of awe and wonder, probably much like the first time you took breath. I say it again, there are no words to describe the feelings that come from his brain through his fingers, out of that guitar.  --an reviewer

Baden Powell De Aquino
double-CD retrospective

Brazilian Guitar Magic:
The Gold Collection

with Laurindo Almeida

Live In Rio

O Universo Musical De Baden Powell
double-CD retrospective

This is a great distillation of the European recordings of Baden Powell. The theme selection and the quality of the sound is superb. I say this up front because these should be the top priorities in releasing recorded music. The rest of the production, however, seems a bit rushed (at least on the unit that I own). The graphic design is lovely, and the photos are great, but the copy is in two languages: English is used for the general notes and the technical data on each track, but the individual track notes are in portuguese. Fortunately, I can read both languages. The individual track notes are short, so if you aren't bilingual, don't worry. You won't be missing a whole lot. Also, on disc 1, track number 6 is labeled "Folha Morta", but it really is "Valsa de Euridice". The confusion may have arisen because it is taken from a live show and you can hear Baden warming up with "Folha Morta" for a few seconds before breaking into "Euridice". All in all, this is a great way to add some essential Baden Powell tracks to your collection without breaking the bank (Baden went through a frenzy of releases in the 60's and 70's, so there is a *LOT* of material out there). --an reviewer

Rio Das Valsas

Seresta Brasileira

Tristeza On Guitar
(Japanese import)

I heard this album on BASF vinyl in 1970 and it single-handedly formed the bedrock of my entire and ongoing appreciation and love of Brazilian music. A tour-de-force covering the spectrum from powerful and driving 'balancado' changes (Tristeza), transcendental 6/8-4/4 macumba (Canto de Xango), tasteful and subtle jazz ballad voicings (Round Midnight) and simple, classic percussion ensemble (Som do Carnaval, which he planned to overdub guitar and bass tracks but decided to leave "as is" for the album). Recorded in the late 60s, it anchors a period in his life that produced his best work in my opinion, and is for me the *definitive* Baden Powell and one of the pieces of music that I would put in a top ten all-time collection to be included in a space-time capsule of music from planet earth. This title was out-of-print for several years, and I am happy to see it available again for people who have not had the benefit of experiencing its sublime beauty and energy.  --an reviewer

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