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Paulo Bellinati

The Guitar Works of Garoto

The Guitar Works of Garoto

Bellinati does a wonderful job in bringing forward the music of Annibal Augusto Sardinha ("Garoto"). Garoto is not well known outside of Brazil, but Bellinati's work certainly gives this brilliant composer his due. Garoto's style is well founded in Brazilian choro traditions, and you can hear the influences of his work in later composers such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and the whole "bossa nova" movement. Bellinati's technique is superb, and this CD is a joy to listen to. For guitar players, Bellinati has also come out with a two volume set of transcriptions (from Guitar Solo Publications) that are also outstanding, and a nice addition to the CD. For those who like Brazilian solo guitar, this work will stand out among even the best. --album description


Afro-Sambas of Baden Powell & Vinícius De Moraes
with Monica Salmaso

Guitars du Bresil

Guitars du Bresil

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