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Hamilton de Hollanda

01 Bytes 10 Cordas

01 Bytes 10 Cordas

Live concert. Mandolin. 20 tracks. "Disparada," "Adios Nonino
(with harmonic player Gabriel Grossi)," "No Rancho Fundo,"
"Ainda me Recordo," and "samba-baden 1 Byte, 10 Cordas."

A live performance of unaccompanied mandolin/mandola is a rarity in and of itself. But that it is an electifying tour-de-force of compositions and virtuoso perfomance by a major world class talent makes this CD a simply stunning. Hamilton de Hollanda, from Brazilia the national capital in central Brazil, is emerging as a major exponent of Brazilian choro/jazz. He performs on the (currently) 4 volumes of Beatles 'n' Choro, as well as his duos with Dois do Ouro, Marco Pereira and other collaborations, he has published a book of his compositions, and a concerto for bandolim and orchestra all before the age of 30. The music he makes on this CD performing on the 10-string (5 pairs tuned C-G-D-A-E), can be sweet and soothing as easily as it is pulsating and dynamic. To say he takes his instrument to new heights would be an understament. --an Amazon reviewer

Música Das Nuvens E Do Chão

Música Das Nuvens E Do Chão

Hamilton De Holanda

Hamilton De Holanda

I heard of de Holanda almost by accident last winter. Bitten by the Choro "bug" years ago, I'm on a continual pursuit of this Brazilian art. I love the classic Jacob recordings, but they carry the baggage of ancient recording equipment and studio technique. Still Jacob possesses a timeless charm. Enter young de Holanda. The first cut rewards the listener with his arranging prowess as well as his fiery delivery and pyrotechnical playing. As if that weren't enough, he still demonstrates his respect for the Choro tradition with masterful presentations of Hermeto Pascoal, Jacob do Bandolim, and Pixinguinha, a true tribute to his roots. What truly captivates me is the "next generation" harmonic vocabularies of the later 20th century polytonality, taking established Brazilian traditions to a whole new level. For those north of the border, think a Brazilian "Chris Thile," the same brilliant technique that never buries a deep musical soul and sensibility. --an Amazon reviewer

Luz Das Cordas

Luz Das Cordas
Marco Pereira & Hamilton de Holanda

An Instrumental CD from Marco Pereira (Guitar) and Hamilton De Hollanda (Mandolin), who Perform Songs From: Pixinguinha, Aldir Blanc, Luiz Gonzaga, Ary Barroso, Cristovao Bastos and Own Songs.


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