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Gilson Peranzzetta


Gilson Peranzzetta, Paulo Russo, Andrew Scott Potter

Pianist Gilson Peranzzetta is one of the foremost composers and arrangers in Brazil today, recognized by Quincy Jones as "one of the five best arrangers in the world." Paulo Russo's singing tone has earned him a spot as one of the leading acoustic bass players in Rio for over 20 years, and he has been performing with the award-winning Rio Jazz Trio with Andrew Scott Potter for the last 5 years. Andrew Scott Potter moved from New York to Brazil to study rhythms 15 years ago after years working with artists such as Walter Bishop Jr., Sonny Sharrock, Dr. Lonnie Smith and Richie Hart, Michael Wolff and Alex Foster, New York City Burn, and the Chicago-based Streetdancer. He has innovated a new way to play drums influenced by the mangue beat scene in Recife.

Brazilian Jazz giants Gilson Peranzzetta, piano, and Paulo Russo, bass, are joined by drummer Andrew Scott Potter in a piano trio that features the compositions of Peranzzetta and Russo. The ten selections explore a variety of approaches from ballads to samba to Bossa Nova, and feature a unique new synthesis of hot rhythms from Recife (Maracatu, Coco, Mangue) applied for the first time to a jazz context. This collaboration showcases the talents of three players of international repute, each elevating to the exceptional level of the compositions in an interactive trio that communicates as one. --album description


Peranzzetta performs choro compositions

Rua Marari

Rua Marari

Original Soundtrack for the Documentary Everest Uma Conquista Brasileira. Beautiful Instrumental Album with Special Guests: Adriano Giffoni, Joao Cortez, Mauro Senise, Nilton Rodrigues, Raul Mascarenhas.

Fonte Das Cancoes - & Convidados

Fonte Das Canções
with Joyce, Edu Lobo, Djavan, Ivan LIns,
Dori Caymmi, Jane Duboc, Emilio Santiago

Alegria De Viver

Alegria De Viver

The Latest CD by Peranzzetta, One of the Most Accomplished Brazilian Musicians, Has the Participation of Adriano Giffoni on Bass and Joao Cortez on Drums.

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