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Henrique Cazes
Choro From Brazil

Pixinguinha Hermeto & Cia

Pixinguinha, Hermeto & Cia

Brazilian Music
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Choro: Do Quintal Ao Municipal

Choro: Do Quintal Ao Municipal
Henrique Cazes, Epoca de Ouro, Paulo Moura,
Orquestra Pixinguinha, Raphael Rabello, others

Noel Rosa: Sem Tostao V.2: a Crise Continua

Noel Rosa: Sem Tostao V.2: A Crise Continua
Cristina Buarque & Henrique Cazes

Pixinguinha De Bolso

Pixinguinha De Bolso
Henrique Cazes & Marcello Goncalvez
play Pixinguinha standards

It demonstrates an innovative approach can revive an old form of music. Pixinguinha (Alfredo Da Rocha Vianna Junior 1897-1973) is one of the best composers in Brazil. Many instrumental artists have recorded his tunes/songs. Most likely you will hear music be reproduced by a small ensemble with saxphone/flute/guitar/pandeiro and a few extras elements, as Pixinga originally planned. To use only two guitars [one soprano guitar (cavaquinho), one 7-string] to mimic the sound of many more pieces needs some creativity. Henrique Cazes and Marcello Goncalves have done a great job on this CD in rearranging those classic pieces. Marcello's 7-string guitar went beyond the base chords as accompany to a dual. The 7-string equally shares the music line while providing a solid base beats. --an Amazon reviewer

Pixinguinha Hermeto & Cia

Pixinguinha, Hermeto & Cia
Henrique Cazes interprets Pixinguinha

Released in 1992, this Compilation Has Some of the Best Compositions from the First Two Works of Henrique Cazes ('henrique Cazes'- 1988 - and 'tocando Waldir Azevedo'- 1990 -). Special Participation of Chiquinho Do Acordeon, Paulo Moura, and More.

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Hamilton De Hollanda


Paulo Moura

Pixinguinha 100 Anos




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