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Carlos Barbosa-Lima



Carlos Barbosa-Lima has long been a masterful interpreter of a wide range of melodic music. A brilliant acoustic guitarist, Barbosa-Lima gives taste and feeling to works that range from Gershwin to Bach, Jobim to Debussy. His releases have found him exploring the music of Scott Joplin, Luiz Bonfa, Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein and a variety of lesser-known Brazilian composers.



'Siboney' celebrates the golden age of Latin popular music with 20 songs, mostly from the '30s-'50s, in guitar solo and small group arrangements by Brazilian-born Carlos Barbosa-Lima, one of the world's leading Latin and Jazz acoustic guitarists. Since his U.S. debut in 1967, Barbosa-Lima has enjoyed a global concert career marked by numerous distinguished recordings on the Concord labels, now mostly out-of-print. This is a re-release of the now out-of-pring 2001 Khaeon title 'Mambo No. 5' under a new title! It is an exciting collaboration of two Latin and jazz legends -- Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Eddie Gomez -- in classic Cuban and Puerto Rican repertoire.


same as Frenesi above

Mambo No. 5

Mambo No. 5
with Eddie Gomez


Chants for the Chief

Carlos Barbosa-Lima
Chants For The Chief
with Thiago De Mello

Music of the Brazilian Masters

Music Of The Brazilian Masters
with Laurindo Almeida and Charlie Byrd

Songbooks by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar Book/CD Set

Brazilian Music For Acoustic Guitar (Book/CD)
by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

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