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Ary Barroso

One of Brazil's Greatest Songwriters,
Composer Of The Song "Brazil" ("Aquarela Do Brasil"),
One Of The World's Most Beloved And Recorded Tunes

Brazilian Music
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Ary Barroso Songbook V.1

Ary Barroso Songbook Vol. 1
Barroso classics performed by Gal Costa, Jobim,
Daniela Mercury, Joao Bosco, Joyce and others

The depth, artistry and diversity of sound on this album combine to make this the best of all single-composer compilations that I know of. Beginning with Antonio Carlos Jobim's throaty and slightly out-of-tune voice singing his somewhat modified lyrics for "Na Batucada da Vida" the collection immediately follows with two radically different "voz e violão" numbers--Gal Costa sings a haunting "No Rancho Fundo" with the accompaniment of what sounds to me like a seven-string guitar, then João Bosco and Daniela Mercury pair up for the absolutely hippest "No Tabuleiro da Baiana" imagineable. And it just goes on with gem after gem, climaxing with Monarco's "Eu Nasci no Morro" in his classic "Voz do samba" style. If you know Ary Barroso as the composer of Carmen Miranda hits, this album will stun you with how perfectly his songs fit the contemporary sounds of so many performance styles. To anyone unfamiliar with Barroso specifically but with some knowledge of or interest in Brazilian music, it will come as a surprise how early he came in the chronology--his musical genius was simultaneously well-received during his own time and also way ahead of its time in melodic and rhythmic innovation. --an Amazon reviewer

Ary Barroso V.2

Ary Barroso Songbook, Vol.2

From the Lumiar "Song Book" series, this time focusing on Ary Barroso. 96 Classics Brazilian Songs, in Three Volumes, Performed by Superstar Such as Edu Lobo, Rita Lee, Dorival Caymmi, Carlos Lyra and Others.

Ary Barroso Songbook V.3

Ary Barroso Songbook Vol. 3
with Caetano Veloso, Zeca Pagodinho, many others

Nossa Homenagem 100 Anos: Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Nossa Homenagem 100 Anos: Vol. 1, 2 & 3 [BOX SET]

Nossa Homenagem 100 Anos: Vol. 4, 5 & 6

Nossa Homenagem 100 Anos: Vol. 4, 5 & 6 [BOX SET]

Ary Barroso Compositions: 1930-1942

Ary Barroso Compositions: 1930-1942

O Mais Brasileiro Dos Brasileiros

O Mais Brasileiro Dos Brasileiros

Aquarela Do Brasil

Aquarela Do Brasil
Gal interprets the standards
of songwriter Ary Barroso, whose

"Brazil" ("Aquarela Do Brasil") is one
of the world's most recorded songs

Letra E Musica-Ary Barroso

Letra E Musica -- Ary Barroso
Ary Barroso standards performed by
Rosa Passos and Lula Galvao

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