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Arnaldo Antunes
Brazilian Rock & Pop




Tribalistas (CD)

Tribalistas (DVD)

Imagine Joni Mitchell joined forces with David Byrne and Outkasts' Andre 3000 and they all made a CD together. What do you get? A supergroup, for sure. And a real eclectic one. That's exactly what The Tribalistas are, an eclectic supergroup made of three of the current main forces in modern MPB-pop: reigning diva Marisa Monte, Bahia funkmeister Carlinhos Brown and avant-garde poet-rocker Arnaldo Antunes. The resulting CD reaped huge rewards - registering top sales and scooping most awards it had been nominated for - with its perky, playful stance. All three artists seem to be having loads of fun on simple tracks that beautifully integrate each member's qualities and characteristics. The poppish mega-hit "JŠ Sei Namorar" (watch for a chorus that bears more than a slight resemblance to Sly and The Family Stone's "Family Affair") and the manifesto "Tribalistas" ("The Tribalistas don't want to be right/ don't want to be sure/ have neither reason nor religion / don't get involved in gossip, doctrines or arguments") are great examples of how Arnaldo's wordplay, Marisa's classically trained voice and Carlinhos's up-to-the-minute pop sensibilities combine really well and form a very specific musical entity. An actual family affair is concocted for the lullaby  "Anjo da Guarda", which features the voice of Dora Buarque de Hollanda - Brown's daughter and MPB giant Chico Buarque's granddaughter. --J. Emilio Rondeau


by Arnaldo Antunes

Arnaldo Antunes is one of the most creative, inventive and interesting contemporary Brazilian artists. He's an amazing poet, independently from the medium he's working in at the time(believe me, he's a writer, musician, performance artist, video artist, essayist, and more). Paradeiro is his last album before the Tribalista collaboration. As always, his tunes are experimental and pop without losing his individuality as an artist. His lyrics are great, and even if you don't know Portuguese, you will enjoy the music. --an Amazon reviewer


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