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Toots Thielemans & Brazil

Aquarela Do Brasil

The Belgian Jazz Harmonica Player,
Who Often Recorded With MPB Stars

Brazilian Music
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The Brasil Project, Vol. 2

The Brasil Project II
with various Brazilian guest artists

The Brasil Project

The Brasil Project
with various Brazilian guest artists

Toots Thielemans has been the leading harmonica player in Jazz music for over 50 years. With this CD, he explores Brazilian Jazz and makes it sound like it was created just for him. On this recording he has gathered some outstanding Brazilian Jazz musicians and let them do their thing while he adds his always splendid harmonica playing to the project. With the exception of his signature piece "Bluesette", all of the songs are Brazilian Jazz pieces and they are arranged beautifully.

Aquarela Do Brasil

Aquarela Do Brasil
(Toots Thielmans & Elis Regina)

On a scale of 1 to 5, "Aquarela Do Brasil" is a SIX!! One of the great MPB performances of all time, with Toots Thielemans adding soaring beautiful harmonica/guitar solos between some truly amazing vocals by Elis Regina. Plus Toots gives three solid solo performances, including an Elis tribute. Recorded in 1969, during a "howling snowstorm" in Stockholm Sweden of all places, the Brazilian Super-Diva, Elis Regina, and the acclaimed jazz master, Toots Thielemans, conjured up a steaming, mid-summer Brazilian beach in the studio. Elis is on fire throughout and clearly having alot of fun! Her musical quintet, Elis Cinco, is brilliant and audibly enthusiastic. Singing with a wide range of emotions and tossing off gymnastic phrases with ease, Elis is incredible! She wields her voice like a knief, cutting quickly and deeply into each song. Toots is equally brilliant and the entire ensemble plays like old musical friends. I speak no Portuguese but this music is as clear as a crystal. --an Amazon reviewer


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