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Jacob do Bandolim

Mandolin Master Of Brazil: Original Classic Recordings, Vol. 1

Jacob do Bandolim
Jacó do Bandolim)

Brazilian Music
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Mandolin Master Of Brazil: Original Classic Recordings, Vol. 1

Mandolin Master Of Brazil, Vol. 1

Although not as popular as it once was in its native country Brazil, Choro music still lives on thanks to a devoted audience which, fortunately, manages to continually gather listeners from newer generations (like yours truly). These two volumes are a must-have for anyone interested in this style of music in its purest form, or plain lovers of gorgeous instrumental music. Jacob was not only arguably the best mandolinist Brazil has ever had, but also a fierce defender of Choro in its purest form, a great composer and an interpreter and researcher of the Choro repertoire, recording and playing not only standards of the genre, but half-forgotten tunes from the repertoire of Rio's old "chorões" (choro musicians) as well. Showcasing songs by Jacob himself, brazilian choro giant Pixinguinha and Ernesto Nazareth, the two volumes contain all the songs from Jacob's best album, "Vibrações" (vibrations), which many consider to be the best Choro album ever. --an Amazon reviewer

Mandolin Master Of Brazil, Vol. 2
Jacó (Jacob) Do Bandolim

Jacob do Bandolim did for the mandolin what Segovia did for the guitar. Beautiful collection of Brazilian "choros". David Grisman deserves much credit for making this available to US audiences. I would recommend this CD highly to anyone who appreciates fine lyrical tunes. (and the same goes for vol. 1). --an Amazon reviewer

Jacob Do Bandolim

Jacob Do Bandolim [BOX SET]

This triple album is not only a great compendium of the music of Jaco do Bandolim (born Jacob Bittencourt) but is also an excellent history of Brasilian choro through the 50s. Jaco is technically remarkable but was widely recognized for his innovations in songwriting, arrangement, and improvisation; in fact, although it may be hard to believe, Jaco had contemporaries who played even faster. Musically, however, he's considered one of the greats of Brasilian choro. Also check out Trio Madeira and Chorinho de Verdade, oither choro albums with fantastic mandolin playing. (Note: bandolim = mandolin in Portuguese.) --an Amazon reviewer

Sempre Jacob

Sempre Jacob

Os Choros Dos Chorões

Os Choros Dos Chorões
featuring Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim,
Benedicto Lacerda, Canhoto e Seu Regional

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