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Brazil Classics Series
Luaka Bop Records

Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical

Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical

The first time I heard this album, I was in modern dance class listening to crooning of Maria Bethania and Gal Costa on "Sonhu Meu," (track #2) on this luscious album. I knew I had to have it! The soft, seductive samba rhythm and the beautiful harmonies made me think of the shores of Sao Paulo (I had never been there, but in my mind I had taken the journey many times whenever the song was played!). I would say that 95% of the songs on this album are just as a hypnotic. Everything from "Umabarumba" by Caetano Veloso to "Calice" by Milton Nascimento (Popular Music of Brazil) were engaging and beautifully written. Though, I speak no Portuguese the liner notes in the CD are bilingual. Some of the lyrics are the prettiest poetry I have ever read! This album is a great combination of uptempo danceable songs to slow ballads. Now, that I have learned more about the styles of Brazilian music in my Ethnomusicology class I can tell you that it covers a great cross sections of music. We have the samba, MPB (Musica Popular de Brazil), batucada and even some jazz thrown into the mix. This is only a small sampling of the immense talent of musicians from Brazil. There are so many more out there that couldn't fit! Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania, and others should have been introduced to the "Estadounidenses" long before.....This music is something you could never replicate in this country. Every musician is truly in a class by themselves. --an Amazon reviewer

Brazil Classics 2: O Samba

Brazil Classics, Vol. 2: O Samba

Many loath this collection and say it is dated and that David Byrne did not make the best possible selections to represent classic Samba music. But this is one heck of a CD. The two opening tracks by Clara Nunes will leave you mesmerized by those vocals and sad over what could have been if not for her tragic death. Beth Carvahlo on track 7 is one of the best Samba numbers from the 80s I've ever heard. Many other big name artists from Samba's past are represented here and while maybe they aren't represented by their best works, they are displayed well and this is one nice collection. --an Amazon reviewer


Brazil Classics 3: Forro Etc

Brazil Classics, Vol. 3: Forró, Etc.
the music of Brazil's Northeast with
Luiz Gonzaga, Gal Costa, Dominguinhos,
Jackson do Pandeiro, Joăo do Vale, others

Brazil Classics 4: The Best of Tom Ze

Brazil Classics, Vol. 4: The Best Of Tom Zé

Tom ze, the brilliant Brazilian Tropicalia member, has always marched to the beat of his own drummer, and in doing so has created some of the most amazing music to ever come from Brazil. (or anywhere else). Ze's music always is a wonderful mixture of traditional bossa nova and samba, but that's where the traditional aspect of it ends. From there, he will likely fuse musique concrete, avant garde, traditional classical, even techno, hip hop, etc. It doesn't matter to Ze. I liken him to a musical bandit, musically taking what he wants and needs, then re-distributing the music to the masses. Lyrically, his songs are at once caustic, poignant, ironic. He has an amazing clairvoyance that allows him to see the suffering and humanity of the world. A true gift. This cd is a wonderful introduction to the man and his music. It has a wonderful timelessness that will endear listeners to him for an eternity. While at times quite idiosyncratic, the music nevertheless is surprisingly accessible. -an Amazon reviewer

Brazil Classics 5

Brazil Classics, Vol. 5: The Hips Of Tradition
limited availability

Pure Brazil: Caipirinha

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