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Herbie Mann & Brazil

Do the Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann/My Kinda Groove

One of the first jazz artists to record with Brazilian musicians,
Herbie Mann recorded released many notable jazz-bossa works

Brazilian Music
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Caminho De Casa

Caminho De Casa
with Romero Lubambo

A Mann & A Woman/Recorded in Rio de Janeiro

A Mann & A Woman/Recorded in Rio de Janeiro

This fabulous reissue feature both LP's, A Man & A Woman (With Tamiko Jones) & Recorded In Rio De Janeiro (With Joao Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jobim) on 1 CD. One of the most popular Jazz flutists of the 1960s and 1970s, Herbie Mann incorporated music from many cultures into his repertoire and was one of the first musicians to expose American listeners to Brazilian music. Female vocalist Tamiko Jones and famed Brazilian musicians Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim collaborate with Mann on this two-album collection, which features Day Tripper, Amor Em Paz, One Note Samba, and many more.

With Antonio Carlos Jobim

Herbie Mann & Joao Gilberto
with Tom Jobim and Baden Powell

Brazil: Once Again/Sunbelt

Brazil Once Again / Sunbelt

Do the Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann/My Kinda Groove

Do the Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann / My Kinda Groove
Baden Powell, Oscar Castro-Neves, Tom Jobim

Herbie Mann travelled to Rio in 1962 and came back with the album "Do the Bossa Nova", today a classic example of that happy marriage of jazz and Brazilian popular music. He teamed with Castro Neves, Baden Powell and the great Tom Jobim, the composer of Quiet Nights and The Girl from Ipanema to cover bossa nova standards and more percussive mainstream samba numbers. The result is irregular but always inspired and worth listening. The track Consolação, a dueto of flute and guitar, Mann and Powell, is hypnotic! --album description




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