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Viva Cartola

Viva Cartola

Albums By The Legendary Samba Songwriter
And By Others Interpreting His Compositions

Brazilian Music
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Serie Raizes Do Samba

Cartola (Serie Raizes Do Samba)
20 Cartola classics

Viva Cartola

Viva Cartola

Verde Que Te Quero Rosa

Verde Que Te Quero Rosa

So Cartola

So Cartola
with Elton Medeiros, Nelson Sargento,
and Galo Preto interpreting Cartola

Elton Medeiros and Nelson Sargento, with the outstanding choro group Galo Preto, have made a fantastic tribute to Cartola . . Cartola's melodies are strong and beautiful, but what stands out on this CD is the immaculate sense of rhythm and time. Whether it's Elton riding the beat or the cavaquinho playing fives when everyone else is playing fours, there's so much happening here that it's really ear candy . . proof that old sambistas just get better and better . . Galo Preto has a ocuple of other great choro albums, and Elton has a bunch of other CDs, all fine, beautiful, wonderful... --an Amazon reviewer

Interpreta Cartola

Interpreta Cartola

I was unsure how Ney might follow up his tremendous homage to the Carmen Miranda era (Batuque) but this re-imagining of Cartola's samba songbook exceeds expectations. Restrained, soulful, and drawn in arrangements of clean, spare lines, this portrait of the legendary Mangueira co-founder is spectacular. No, it doesn't sound like Cartola. It sounds like Cartola's work has been reborn in the 21st century, though. And if you're already a fan of Ney, you won't be disappointed by a recording so crisply displaying his still-great voice, nor by the classic sambas that highlight it. As in Batuque, the band is an equal co-star with assured mastery of the material and solo turns that make you hope for a world tour! --an Amazon reviewer

Ney Matogrosso Interpreta Cartola Ao Vivo

Beth Carvalho Canta Cartola
Beth Carvalho interprets samba
classics by the legendary Cartola


Documento Inedito

Documento Inedito

For fans of Brazillian music or those who are drawn to romantic acoustic guitar this album answers all your longings. Cartola was a master of the Brazillian lament and an underspoken innovator for Brazillian popular music in general. In 'Documento Inedito' we find the artist nostalgically ruminating over his life through interviews in which the interviewer thankfully lets us hear only the soft, weathered voice of Cartola and one almost perceives the sound of autumn crinkling into windblown leaves. The past is blended with the present as Cartola plays, with the old, new compositions that sound as fresh and spontaneous and true as the ones which sold albums for the majority of Brazil's superstars. This disc is an heirloom considering the near impossibility of finding recordings of the composer singing his own music and in fact during one of the interviews he notes plaintively that this album will be the first in his life(and last) solely devoted to versions done by him. --an Amazon reviewer

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