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O Rappa

Instinto Coletivo - Ao Vivo

Instinto Coletivo - Ao Vivo

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O Silencio Que Precede O Esporro (DVD)

Instinto Coletivo - Ao Vivo

Instinto Coletivo - Ao Vivo

14 Song Album from the Rap Group, Recorded Live. This Album Includes 'instinto Coletivo', 'ninguem Regula a America', and a Special Appearance by 'Sepultura.'

Lado B Lado a

Lado B Lado a

I have been listening to this CD for a few years, and it happens to be the type of recording that enjoys prolonged stays in the player. It is a wonderful mixture of afro-brazilian percussion, reggae, pop, and avant-garde stylings. The musicianship is excellent throughout and the eclectic range of influences creates music that is fresh with a depth not often heard in "pop" bands. Do yourself a favor, and add this record to your collection. You will not be disapointed. --an Amazon reviewer

O Rappa

O Rappa

This band has conquered its place in the brazilian scene through a miscellaneous of reggae, rap, eletronic and rock, besides the band's social help. This is a good cd for those who wanna be in peace, go to a beach and just relax. --an Amazon reviewer

Rappa Mundi

Rappa Mundi

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