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Ney Matogrosso


limited edition with 16 of his greatest hits

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with Pedro Luis E A Parede

Interpreta Cartola

Ney Matogrosso Interpreta Cartola

I was unsure how Ney might follow up his tremendous homage to the Carmen Miranda era (Batuque) but this re-imagining of Cartola's samba songbook exceeds expectations. Restrained, soulful, and drawn in arrangements of clean, spare lines, this portrait of the legendary Mangueira co-founder is spectacular. No, it doesn't sound like Cartola. It sounds like Cartola's work has been reborn in the 21st century, though. And if you're already a fan of Ney, you won't be disappointed by a recording so crisply displaying his still-great voice, nor by the classic sambas that highlight it. As in Batuque, the band is an equal co-star with assured mastery of the material and solo turns that make you hope for a world tour! --an Amazon reviewer

Ney Matogrosso Interpreta Cartola Ao Vivo




Ney Matogrosso has given us a stunning tribute to the sambistas of the Carmen Miranda era. The first track, De Papo Pro Air, opens with the ethereal sound of a 78 recording from the 1930's, then slips seamlessly into a modern performance as the horns introduce a main theme. And the rest of the album does just that: brings the spirit of the first samba recordings to life with a string of gorgeous songs, including some very famous ones. (O Que E Que A Baiana Tem? and Adeus, Batucada are my favs.) I wasn't a fan of Ney's particularly before, but am now. --an Amazon reviewer

Millennium: Ney Matogrosso

Ney Matogrosso (Millennium Series)
compilation CD with 20 tracks

Olhos de Farol

Olhos De Farol

He's the Peter Allen of Brazil -- way over-the-top, kinda queeny, and a bit of a blue balladeer. His previous records always struck my ear as the kinda bouncy pop that Xuxa purveys across Latin America. But with "Olhos de Farol" Matogrosso stakes out fresh territory. Miséria No Japão, the lede off cut on this pretty satifsying, is a powerful rocker that suits his reedy bray. The title track could emerge to become one of late-MPB's great supper club ballads. Stand out track is the beautiful "Poema," penned by Cazuza. Play spot the "Free Bird" lick on the other tracks. Live DVD available. He's one of the very few men who can pull off his lovely Theda Bara wear-a. --an Amazon reviewer

Um Brasileiro

Um Brasileiro

V.Lobos/a Floresta Do Amazonas W/Joao C. a. Brasil

A Floresta Do Amazonas De Villa-Lobos
Joao Carlos Assis Brasil, Ney Matogrosso
and Wagner Tiso,
with Jaques Morelenbaum

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