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Nana Caymmi


Nana Caymmi: Essential

One of Brazil's Great MPB Voices

Brazilian Music
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Para Caymmi: De Nana, Dori E Danilo

Para Caymmi: De Nana, Dori E Danilo
Nana, Dori and Danilo singing their father
Dorival's compositions. Highly recommended.


Nana Caymmi: Essential

Compilation from Brazilian singer/composer features 16 tracks including 4 bonus tracks, 'Ate Pensei' (& Chico Buarque), 'Acalanto' (& Dorival Caymmi), 'Estrada Do Sol' (& Dori Caymmi), & 'Meu Bem Querer' (Boca Livre). Copy Controlled. EMI.

(Latin Grammy Winner, 2002,
for song "Saudade De Amar")



Nana is, from my point of view, the most representative of the best brazilian singers. Her repertoire and the way she sings it is simply extraordinary. Her style, and warm, deep, rich voice are unique and remarkable. This album's songs were carefully chosen, I would say picked to show different composers and styles, being all of them of a very high quality. They go from sophisticated harmonies to more simple compositions,but all of them will hit you right in your heart, even if you don't understand Portuguese.


Os Maiores Sucessos De Novelas

Os Maiores Sucessos De Novelas

Compilation of the Best Soap Opera Soundtracks, Sung by Nana Caymmi. Tracks Include: Resposta Ao Tempo, Suave Veneno, Nao Se Esqueca De Mim, Mudanca Dos Ventos, and More.

Alma Serena

Alma Serena

After Many Years Without Recording Nana Caymmi, One of the Greatest Mpb Interpreters, is Back. She Performs with her Usual Class Compositions from Chico Buarque ('Novo Amor'), Crist--v‹o Bastos ('Serena'), and More.

Resposta Ao Tempo

Resposta Ao Tempo

A rich, adult, very satisying CD by one of Brasil's great voices, Nana Caymmi. This 15-song CD includes music to accompany you as you fall in love, spend a rainy evening making love, and for working through a heartbreak. The first song, the title track by Cristóvão Bastos and Aldir Blanc, sets the tone for the CD, with a gentle, mellow groove, a sound best demonstrated in "Meu sonho," "Longe dos olhos," and her musical postcard from the cidade maravilhosa, "Saudade do Rio." "Até o Redentor," the second track, exemplifies the blend of Bahian and carioca influences in Nana's sound, and adds a gorgeous piano accompaniment. "Não se esqueça de mim," one of the most beautiful melodies Ms. Caymmi's voice has ever graced, is a wistful duet with Erasmo Carlos, and it sounds like two voices of experience and wisdom magically joined in melody. "Meu sonho" describes a beautiful dreamlike vision of a Brasilian landscape. This is definately music for dreamers. "Cantiga," with a gentle bossa nova beat and tinkling piano, reminds me of the type of music you'd hear at lounges in trendy neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro, and sounds jazzy and urbane. "Chega de tarde" is a torchy, saxophone-flavoured piece, and is followed by "Bolero de neblina," which is powered by a syncopated percussion. "Doralinda" is another duet, this time with Emilio Santiago, and I find Nana's voice is mixed way down and almost lost in the production. The duet is a bit clumsy, and the two don't really take advantage of the harmonic possibilities. The eleventh track, "A cara do espelho," is accompanied by some wonderful guitar strumming. Most of us are familiar with João Gilberto's unforgettable version of the Ary Barroso classic "Pra machucar meu coração," and Nana wisely avoids trying to duplicate that version. Her cover is a bit more up-tempo and the vocal is less sorrowful than in Mr. Gilberto's version, and it suits her perfectly. "Até pensei" is the third duet on the CD, this time with old friend Chico Buarque. The song is all swelling violins and mandolins, and it's great music with which to fall in love. Nana's version of the classic "Fascinação," the 1950s American hit "Fascination," sounds alternatively grand and elegant, and yet somehow sad and intimate. The last track, "Minha nossa senhora," closes the CD quietly and gently. This album is both classic and contemporary, music for thinkers, lovers, or for those who think and love too much. --an Amazon reviewer

No Coracao Do Rio Ao Vivo

No Coracao Do Rio Ao Vivo [Live]

This Passionate, Unique Singer releases her First Live Album, recorded in Rio. The Tracks Are 'So Louco', 'Copacabana', 'Se Queres Saber', 'Saia Do Caminho', 'Ultimo Desejo', 'Acontece', 'Carinhoso', 'Chao De Estrelas', 'Folhas Mortas', and More.

Caymmi Em Familia

Caymmi Em Família
Dorival, Dori, Danilo & Nana Caymmi

Nana Caymmi

Nana Caymmi

Nana Caymmi is backed on this 1979 date by top musicians such as Joao Donato, Robertinho Silva and Toninho Horta.

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