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Mylene Pires


Mylene is one of the dynamic new Brazilian artists--along with Fernanda Porto and Bebel Gilberto, to name a few of her femaile contemporaries--to successfully blend modern electronica with "bossa-nova" or MPB traditions. Mylene's album has a greater dynamic range than Bebel, who though wonderful sounds a bit repetative after multiple listens. Standouts on this album include "48 horas," "Coração tonto," and "Longa, longa noite," though there is hardly a throwaway track with the possible exception of "Eleanor Rigby" (I agree with most reviewers that it just doesn't fit with the rest of the album). The electronic elements manage to sound organic, and the mix of reggae, drum and bass, bossa nova and MPB sounds fresh instead of like the stylistic smorgasborg it could have in less capable hands. Snaps to Ramiro Musotto for excellent production and percussion. --an Amazon reviewer

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