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Legião Urbana

Legiao Urbana

Legião Urbana

Brazilian Music
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Acústico MTV

Acoustic Live Concert recorded in 1992 especially for Brazilian MTV. The rock band from Brasilia performs their biggest hits, including Indios, Angra, Daniel Na Cova Dos Leoes, Ainda E Cedo and Others.

Tempestade Ou O Livro Dos Dias

Tempestade Ou O Livro Dos Dias


This is the last Legião Urbana's album before lead singer Renato Russo's death, and it is the best one. The album starts with "Natália", a speed-power-ballad, with heavy drums and a furious guitar, and then the album features moments between the complete despair ("A via láctea"), some hope ("Esperando por mim") and the definitive farewell song ("Mil pedaços"). The arrangements and Renato Russo's voice, near to the end, are fabulous. It is the best album written in Portuguese ever made. --an Amazon reviewer

Como E Que Se Diz Eu Te Amo

Como É Que Se Diz Eu Te Amo
live two-CD set

Volumes One and Two Compiled on a Two CD Set Including Previously Unreleased Live Recordings from 1994. This Show was the Group's Last Performance in Rio De Janeiro Before their Lead Singer's Untimely Death.

Musica Para Acampamento

Música Para Acampamento

This duble CD contains live recordings and special recordings for radio and TV, from 1985 to 1992. It includes 5 tracks from MTV unplugged, 6 from a show in São Paulo and also a previously unreleased track: "Canção do Senhor da Guerra". There are also The Rolling Stone's "Gimme Shelter" and Neil Young's "On the Way Home," in the 20 tracks. It's surely the best album of this Brazilian band and the greatest album I have ever listened to... --an Amazon reviewer

As Quatro Estações

As Quatro Estações

This is a wonderful CD from the late Legião Urbana, with very catchy and moody songs. Just listen to "Pais e Filhos", where Renato Russo tells us about what he feels about father and son relationships, weaving a soulful and broad panel of all kinds of situations: divorced parents kids, abandoned children and spoiled, selfish and ungrateful ones. "Ha Tempos" reminds us of the rough times we're living, with AIDS taking its toll and desperation driving the more tender souls into taking their own lives. "Monte Castelo" was originally a poem by St. Thomas Aquino, beautifully enhanced by Renato's music and very soulfully sang. --an Amazon reviewer



Dois is still one of my favorite albums of all time. The music is timeless and the lyrics are unparalleled (if you don't speak Portuguese, you're missing out). I also strongly recommend the band's self-titled album, but "Dois" is their best effort. --an Amazon reviewer

Legiao Urbana

Legião Urbana
the debut album, produced by Zé Emilio Rondeau

A classic piece of Brazilian history. Four rebels that had a lot to say about society, love, and depression. Included in the band as singer is Renato Russo, the most intense lyricist this world has ever known. But they die so young... --an Amazon reviewer


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