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Elizeth Cardoso

Faxineira das Canções

Faxineira das Canções [BOX SET]
five-CD retrospective boxed set

Includes CDs of wonderful cuts across Cardoso's career and, finally, the whole 1968 concert with the Zimbo Trio, Jacob do Bandolim, and Epoca de Ouro that has been circulating on tired old LPs, including the immortal, endless jam on Barracão (samba parallel to the long "Light my Fire" from the Doors and Paul Gonçalves' two-dozen-odd solos at Newport with Duke Ellington). Everyone is here: a whole CD with Rafael Rabello, even a cameo by Paulinho da Viola. Lyrics (not translated) and lots of interesting notes (in Portuguese). Chico Buarque says "Elizeth is our most beloved singer. It's the mother's voice, mother of all the singers of Brazil." Chico Buarque has forgotten more than you or I know about Brazilian music and has impeccable taste. Buy this set. -- an Amazon reviewer

Brazilian Music
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Brazilian chanteuse famed for her samba interpretations
and the first album (Cancao do Amor Demais in '58) to
feature Joao Gilberto's bossa-nova guitar (on 2 tracks).

Eu Sou O Samba

Eu Sou O Samba
compilation album

Ary Amoroso

Ary Amoroso
Originally Part of a CD Set, now Available Separately

Levameu Samba

Levameu Samba
Elizeth Cardoso & Ataulfo Jr.

Serie Retratos

Elizeth Cardoso: Serie Retratos
retrospective from the Retratos series

Todo O Sentimento

Todo O Sentimento

Elizeth Cardoso accompanied by the Great Rafael Rabello in Classics, Such as "Todo O Sentimento" (Cristovao Bastos and Chico Buarque), "Doce De Coco" (Jacob Do Bandolim and Herminio Bello De Carvalho), and "Chao De Estrelas" (Silvio Caldas and Oreste Barbosa).

Cancao Do Amor Demais

Cancao do Amor Demais
limited availability

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