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Noturno Copacabana

Noturno Copacabana

Albums By Guinga
Brazilian Master Guitarist

Brazilian Music
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Noturno Copacabana

Noturno Copacabana

Cine Baronesa

Cine Baronesa
limited availability

Suite Leopoldina

Suite Leopoldina
Suite Leopoldina album notes

Cheio De Dedos
limited availability

Brasilian popular music is probably the most inspiring of the [20th] century. We have had several generations of marvellous composers in the 30's and 40's (samba), the 50's and 60's (bossa nova) and the 70's and 80's (Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Egberto Gismonti). The succession of this last generation was not so clear and Guinga has proved to be able to be the one, through this marvellous and inspired work and also for his 2 previous records, full of beatiful songs with lyrics by Aldir Blanc. Keep it up, Guinga ! The lovers of Brasilian music need your talent. --an Amazon reviewer

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