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Marcelo D2

Acustico MTV

Acustico MTV

With any acoustic album an artist takes the risk of exposing weakness, but Marcelo D2 meets the challenge with a passionate performance. He proves undeniable skill as an MC, though any listeners without abilities in Portuguese might be frustrated. High points include the danceable "Sangue Bom," (though the appearance by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas adds nothing of value) and the pensive "1967". The low point is a duet with his son. It seems that even foreign rappers are not immune from teaming with a family member on a sappy, creatively low-rent song (think Eminem, Master P, etc). Anyone interested in the current Brasilian music scene should give this disc a try. Listen to it alfresco on a warm day and you will be treated to the experience of Rio in the winter of 2005. --an Amazon reviewer

A Procura Da Batida Perfeita

A Procura Da Batida Perfeita
produced by Mario Caldato, Marcelo D2 & Davi Corcos

Marcelo D 2 is the most fresh individual brazilian artist on the samba/rap scene. This CD will be a inspiration for any listener, Latin, Caucasian or whoever. It is pure energy - and the rapping/singing/rhytmical skills this guy has - olala! Buy it. It is the best music Brazil can offer in our time. --an Amazon reviewer

Looking for the Perfect Beat

Looking for the Perfect Beat
American-label release of A Procura Da
Batida Perfeita
(2003), with two additional tracks,

Marcelo D2's vibrant album is a fusion of Brazilian club grooves and hip hop. With tracks frequently developed around a percussive samba core, Marcelo expands into new territory with his use of traditional sounds, programmed elements, scratches (courtesy of Mixmaster Mike), Portuguese raps and a range of stylistic influences that run from acoustic Latino to electro and hip hop. 2004.

Apresenta Hip Hop Rio

Marcelo D2 Apresenta Hip Hop Rio

Eu Tiro Onda

Eu Tiro Onda [IMPORT]


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