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Caju & Castanha

Recado a Sao Paulo

Embolada, Forro & Coco from Pernambuco

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Andando Coletivo

“Embolada is the mother of rap,” says Castanha trying to describe the musical style he and his partner Caju have mastered. But perhaps the explanation is not necessary. Just listen to Andando de Coletivo and you’ll know what embolada is all about: a hypnotizing rhythm with a stanza-and-refrain structure that moves in an incredibly fast tempo and often includes improvised verses. Over their 28-year career, Caju & Castanha have revolutionized the genre, making it contemporary without ever losing touch with its roots. But their music is not only embolada. Andando de Coletivo features other genres from Caju & Castanha’s native Northeast - they’re both from the state of Pernambuco - such as the irresistible, highly danceable forró, the syncopated xote and the lively coco. Andando de Coletivo - the duo’s 15th CD - marks the debut of a new “Caju”, the nephew of the original one, who passed away last year. And the performance of the newcomer makes it clear that the tradition of high quality music from Caju & Castanha will be kept. Andando de Coletivo is simply a must for any serious Brazilian music lover in the world. --Ricardo Pessanha

Embolando No Futebol

Embolando No Futebol

Recado a Sao Paulo

Recado a Sao Paulo

Professor De Embolada

Super Duelo, Vol. 12
with Pinto & Rouxinol

O Melhor De Caju & Castanha, Vol.2
best-of compilation

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