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Titas: Brazilian Rock

Como Estao Voces?

Como Estao Voces?

"Como estao voces?" is a much better CD than the last two releases of Os Titas ("As Dez Mais" 2000 and "A melhor banda de todos os tempos da ultima semana" 2002). Here, the TITANS showed us a beautiful CD: they combine more elaborated songs, with the distinctitve voices of Branco Mello, Sergio Britto and Paulo Miklos, the guitar of Tony Bellotto and the powerful influence of Liminha. However, the quality of Nando Reis is lacking. The brazilian edition includes also an interactive track where you can see some moments of composition, recording and pictures. I highlight two nice songs: 'Provas de amor' and 'enquanto houver sol'. Then, appear other songs of high quality: 'Voce e minha', 'eu nao sou um bom lugar' and 'pra voce ficar'. Finally, the enjoyable 'vou duvidar', 'Gina superstar' and 'KGB'. --an Amazon reviewer

84/94 V.2

84/94, Vol. II
retrospective album

84/94 V.1

84/94 V.1
retrospective album

Cabeca Dinossauro

Cabeça Dinossauro

Titas is a colossus of Brazilian pop/rock scene and this album is the pinnacle of their career. It's a cry for freedom in the form of agressive and anarchist music. Here, Titas create an unusual form of criticizing values and institutions of modern society, but always in a VERY ironic and carnivalesc way. The band is technically very good and the sound is most of the times heavy, though it's damn hard to describe because the album is basically idealistic and the sound is not the main theme. Most songs are indeed JOKES, that's the truth. Musically their best album from the nihilist era is Titanomaquia, which I consider a true HEAVY METAL album, with awesome guitars, drums and harsh vocals (also featuring their typical acid lyrics). --an Amazon reviewer


Two CD Compilation featuring the Band's Hits on the First CD and a Collection of Unreleased Songs on the Second.

A Melhor Banda De Todos
Os Tempos Da Ultima Semana


Acustico MTV

Titãs: Acustico MTV

Unplugged Live Recordings in Rio, March 97. Special Guests: Arnaldo Antunes, Fito Paez, Jimmy Cliff, Marisa Monte, Marina Lima, Rita Lee. 22 Famous Hits Including "Comida", "Diversao", etc.

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