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Pure Brazil: Tribal Bahia - The Best of Timbalada

Thundering Drums Of Carnaval
Axe Music From Salvador, Bahia In Brazil

Brazilian Music
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Axe Bahia: O Melhor De Timbalada

Axe Bahia: O Melhor De Timbalada
retrospective album

Pure Brazil: Tribal Bahia - The Best of Timbalada

Pure Brazil: Tribal Bahia: The Best Of Timbalada

Novo Millennium

Timbalada (Novo Millennium Collection)
retrospective with 20 songs

Serviço De Animação Popular

Serviço De Animação Popular



Vamos Dar A Volta No Guetho: Ao Vivo

This CD brings nothing but pure unadulterated joy when I blast it at home, I have a one-person party every time I play it. It brings me back to guetho square as ninho yells "A timbalada 'ta de banda" and a galera yells back "'ta de bandinha!". It brings me back to Salvador and everything I love about Brazil. It nuts, its crazy, it an absolute blast! If you love crazy timbau rythms of Timbalada, Olodum, even Ile Aye, get this CD. Having a bit of mosh pit within you, doesn't hurt either. --an Amazon reviewer



Timbalada is not only one the groups that truly defines this style of music, they are also one of the most creative innovators. I'm not completely positive what role Carlinhos Brown played in their formation, though he was definitely key, and he is one of Brazil's most unusual and interesting modern composers, especially when it comes to percussion. "Toque de Timbaleiro" is probably the most covered tune by Brazilian batucada groups here in the U.S. "Beija-Flor" is exceptionally beautiful and romantic, and "Filha da Mae" is mesmerizing and ethereal, and has probably the most beautiful use of berimbau that I have ever heard. --an Amazon reviewer

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